Simon Coronel lands back in Aus after a gig in China! - Performing as part Company F for Short+Sweet Theatre

Simon Coronel does things that look impossible, but aren't. As an award winning illusionist and an experienced business consultant, he has a unique skill set capable of enhancing almost any occasion.

In between his international tours, he also provides keynote presentations, interactive workshops, and other services that can make your events and conferences more memorable and amazing.


Short+Sweet Dance Sydney



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Short+Sweet Dance Sydney is a platform for emerging and professional choreographers to develop and showcase their work in a supportive environment, where their only concern is their individual creative process. The festival brings choreographers from a wide range of genres and experiences together to share and exchange ideas. Emerging choreographers have the opportunity to learn from industry professionals and acclaimed choreographers are reenergized by the raw passion of our next generation of movement makers.

The 2014 festival features four companies of works, with each performing over two nights during the festival season - you can see the full list of works using the tabs at the bottom of the page. 2014 also boasts over 40 new works being performed by over 170 performers!


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Short+Sweet Cabaret Sydney


Short+Sweet Cabaret Sydney 2014 adds a sparkling jewel to the Short+Sweet crown. Short+Sweet Cabaret launches 50 + aritists from Sydney and beyond. 

Merging theatre and music cabaret creates an atmosphere of exploration, energy, politics, stories, characters, sex, songs, and silliness. Short+Sweet Cabaret 2014 is a forum where new ideas are tested, risks are taken, where the performers and audience share and intimate experience of something new, and never seen before.

Festival Director: Kate Gaul; Musical Director: Daryl Wallis; Lighting Designer: Tanya Gruber; Stage Manager: Elizabeth Rogers, ASM: Zara Thompson, Treisten Feildhouse: Programming Assistant: Diana Popovska

Cabaret continued to astound, confound and delight. After 2 weeks, 50 artists, thrilling audiences and many champagnes here are the results of the inaugural Festival:

Best Original Music Thomas Albert + Samuel Valentine
Dirty Sexy Politics

Best Script Cienda McNamara
Hardly the Portrait of a Lady

Best Comedy Hardly the Portrait of a Lady

Best Burlesque The Good The Bad and the Fugly

Best Newcomers Charlotte + Evan Kerr
Harry + Liv

Best Male Cabaret Artist Brendan Hay
Dance With DeVil

Best Female Cabaret Artist Cienda McNamara 
Hardly the Portrait of a Lady

Peoples Choice for Best Cabaret Dirty Sexy Politics

Judges Choice for Best Cabaret Harry + Viv


Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2014

Short+Sweet Sydney is the largest festival of 10 minute plays in the world!

Our lucky number thirteen Short+Sweet Sydney theatre festival is nearing an end, with our Gala Finals and Variety Gala remaining. We showcased 160+ brand new plays from Australian and international writers, put together by the best up-and-coming and established directors and performed by veteran actors and fresh new talent. The Gala Final is the best 12 plays from the sseason held at Seymour Centre's York Theatre.


With the main season over, we just have our prestigious Gala Finals remaining. This is truly the best 10 minute theatre event in the world, with the top 12 plays from our season of 160+.

Short+Sweet Theatre Gala Finals: Fri 21 Mar, 7:30pm - the best of S+S Theatre

This show features the Judges' Choice winner from each week, the equal winners of the People's Choice vote and the two winners of the Wildcards season.

You can read more about the Theatre Gala plays here.

Short+Sweet Variety Gala: Sat 22 Mar, 7:30pm - the best of S+S Theatre, Dance AND Cabaret all in one show!

You can read more about the Variety Gala acts here.


TICKETS to both Gala shows here.


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