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Short+Sweet Voices is an exciting new development in the Short+Sweet world, welcoming vocal performers, choirs and conductors to showcase their musical prowess in the 10-minute format. With its debut season in March 2015, Short+Sweet Voices brought the skill and creativity of choral performance to the Concourse stage. 


  • Minimum of 4 people per choir.
  • Performances must not exceed 10 minutes total time.
  • Choral societies and other groups can enter as many choirs as they desire, however there will be a limit for each choir member to participate in a maximum of 2 performances per heat.
  • Be extraordinary!  

Short+Sweet Voices rewards creativity with awards recognising the best original music, vocal arrangements, ingenious interpretation, innovative staging to even choreography!

To establish or find an upcoming Short+Sweet Voices festival near you, contact info@shortandsweet.org.