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What is Short+Sweet?

Short+Sweet is a unique opportunity for emerging, developing and established artists to increase their skills of creation and performance. Talent is important, but success in theatre, music, and dance is ultimately based on committed people collaborating to achieve a shared vision. Short+Sweet believes in the value of teamwork, and we are devoted to up-skilling people involved in every aspect of live performance production.

Every year we work with thousands of actors, writers, directors, dancers, choreographers, composers and singers. We support their professional and personal development by offering performance opportunities and by offering access to our network of contacts, stakeholders, and associates. Short+Sweet also provides opportunities and training for people interested in backstage roles, front of house, administration, management, marketing, and publicity. We’re on the lookout for new talent and we always welcome back old friends!

Submit A Script

Scripts are accepted throughout the year by Short+Sweet, managed by our International Literary Manager and shortlisted for numerous festivals around the world. There are no limits to the creativity or content of your scripts, only that it can be performed in 10 minutes or under. For a small submission fee of $20/script, there is no limit on plays submitted, and no limit on international Short+Sweet festivals it can be perfomed in. This is a unique opportunity to have your play produced around the world, with special encouragement placed on communication between Writers and Directors, and the opportunity to see your play for free wherever it is performed! 

Scripts submitted via the Submit A Script page are assessed, rated and ranked. Higher-rated scripts are shortlisted and sent out to directors to choose from for inclusion in the festival.

Writers are allowed a maximum of one play in Short+Sweet Sydney. If this rule changes, all entrants will be notified and it will apply across the board.

Can I act in or direct a play I wrote?
If you enter your script through the Submit A Script page as an ordinary script entry, and it is shortlisted then selected for production, then no, you are not allowed to act in or direct it.
However, if you enter your script as part of an ITCsubmission, then it is possible to act in and/or direct it if it is selected for production. Check out your local festival submissions and dates to submit your play as an ITC.


If you have a team of creatives ready to develop, create or present an original work, then you are welcome to submit the concept or script directly to Short+Sweet and have a supported performance opportunity on a stage in your region. Find an upcoming festival near you by hovering on the style of festival you love, and select a location near you. Submissions are accepted directly through the festivals, so keep an eye out for registration open and close dates online.

What is an ITC?
An Independent Theatre Company, or ITC, is a group of theatre professionals putting work on at a Short+Sweet Festival. They submit a proposal to the festival including script, director, and at least one member of the cast.
ITCs range from professional outfits, to existing theatre companies, to schools/TAFEs/universities, to a group of people who have never put on a work of theatre together. Many ITCs are formed specifically for Short+Sweet and have gone on to produce work elsewhere.

Is there a limit to how many plays an ITC can enter into Short+Sweet?
No. An ITC can submit as many proposals as they like. However, the rules of one-play-per-director, one-play-per-writer and two-plays-per-actor still apply. And no, you cannot be involved in more than your quota of plays if one is an ITC and the other is not.
Not all ITC proposals are selected for inclusion in the festival, but presenting a strong idea of your production with experienced team members mean the best chance to produce your work in a safe, friendly and risk-free environment.

Can ITCs cast from the auditions?
Yes. ITC directors are welcome to attend the casting sessions and contact any actor/s they are interested in.


Registrations for Short+Sweet festivals are open every year to returning, established and first-time directors; open to anyone who is interested in having a go. With no experience necessary, this could be your foot into the arts industry, gaining experience, confidence, and understanding of the performing arts. Directors are able to choose from all shortlisted scripts for their local festival, and are encouraged to communicate with their Writers throughout the process. 

Successful directors will be allocated a spot in either the Top 80 or the Wildcards. They will be sent plays from our shortlist, then return to us with their top three preferences. The highest preference will be allocated wherever possible.

Directors cannot act in their own play unless it’s part of an ITC. Directors are allowed to direct a maximum of one plays in Short+Sweet, whether a Top 80 play or a Wildcard, unless otherwise graned permission by the Festival Director.


Short+Sweet is an opportunity for original work and new performers to perform in front of a live crowd, with no pre-requisite of experience or training. A useful tool for recent graduates, amateur first-timers, and experienced performers alike, Short+Sweet encourages all level of performers to audition and participate in their local festival. With no fee to participate and a chance to win prizes at the Gala Final, this is a performance opportunity that encourages on-stage confidence, networking, and developing skills in the creative arts.

Anyone at all is welcome to apply to be involved in Short+Sweet, irrespective of their level of training and experience. All actors who’d like to be involved need to register through the website. They will then be sent information about booking an audition time.

Actors will audition in front of Short+Sweet’s directors, performing a 1-2 min monologue and answering a few quick questions about their acting background. Directors will then contact any actors they are interested in to discuss taking a role in their play.

Actors are allowed to perform in a maximum of two plays in Short+Sweet unless otherwise advised by the Fesival Director.