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Short+Sweet Hollywood 2016 Winners!


In 3 weekends we have presented - 62 plays with 60 directors, 60 writers and 307 actors - and only 12 staff members made this festival happen!

Best Production: 
by Jeffery Fisher-Smith
Directed by Todd Felderstein
Dale Raoul & Ray Thompson

People’s choice: 
Bridgett and Iain 
by Norelle Scott
Directed by Leah Patterson 
Vivienne Powell and Damian Sommerlad

Best Playwright award: 
by Jeffrey Fischer-Smith

Best Director 
Bridget and Iain 
by Leah Patterson

Best Actors: 
Ratidzo Mambo
(The Lady and “the Tyger” or William Blake’s How I Met your Mother)

Dale Raoul

Emerging Artists Award 
STRAY FACTORY - Chennai, India 
in recognition of their 50th performance!
“MY NAME IS CINE-MAA” at the Short + Sweet International Festivals.