Short+Sweet Theatre Festival in Kolkata will be held in August this year.

If you would like to direct a 10 minute play or pitch a play with a team attached, then now is the time to fill in the Registration Form that follows this text and submit.

DIRECTORS will be offered a selection of Indian and International Scripts from which to choose.


There is no fee for participating in Short+Sweet!

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Short+Sweet Theatre Kolkata 2017

Short+Sweet Theatre festival is back!

Get ready for the second edition of the ten minute 'dramaticules' festival. This year Short+Sweet festival will be held on 7th August to 12th August 2017 at Gyan Manch.

The plays can be in either English, Hindi or Bengali. You can participate as a playwright by submitting a script or as an actor or director. You can enter as a team or an Independent Theatre Company.(ITC) You can Like our Facebook page "Short+Sweet Kolkata" to receive all updates.

PLEASE NOTE that all submissions in the actor, script and theatre group are over. ONLY directors who are willing to take up international scripts may please write to the below email address.

For more information or sponsorship enquiries please contact

Winners of Short + Sweet Theatre Festival Manila 2016

Congratulations Winners of Short + Sweet Theatre Festival Manila 2016

Audience Choice Plays for

Week 1 - Bob Gets Cast Out of Hell
Week 2 - Procrastination
Wildcards - Dead Giveaway

Best Poster - Dominique Paytone for Objectum Sexuality

Best Playwright - Allan West for Procrastination

Best Director - Kim Nathanyel Sejera for Procrastination

Best Actress - Andrea Melissa Camba for How Violet met Watson

Best Actor - Leogene Bomitivo for It Doesn't

Best Overall Production - Objectum Sexuality

Short+Sweet Central Coast

*Tickets on sale now - Laycock st Community theatre - 0243233233
*Short+Sweet Central Coast would like to thank Central Coast Council and Star 104.5 FM for their sponsorship

* Short+Sweet Central Coast is proud to announce support from S+S Sydney with the Grand Final winner from S+S Central Coast 

  Going into Sydney Grand Final in March 2017

* Other prizes include Cash prizes 

 and recording time in local recording studio for possible vocal performances.


* Other prizes awarded will be:-


Any entries received will be considered for the following Short+Sweet festivals in 2017 (and 2018):


For the one entry fee of AU$20, your script will be considered for all of the above festivals. Some of the highest-rated entries from previous years were performed four or more times.

If you would like to join the mailing list for Short+Sweet writers, please email with "Writer subscribe" in the subject line.

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Short+Sweet Hollywood 2016 Winners!


In 3 weekends we have presented - 62 plays with 60 directors, 60 writers and 307 actors - and only 12 staff members made this festival happen!

Best Production: 
by Jeffery Fisher-Smith
Directed by Todd Felderstein
Dale Raoul & Ray Thompson

People’s choice: 
Bridgett and Iain 
by Norelle Scott
Directed by Leah Patterson 
Vivienne Powell and Damian Sommerlad

Best Playwright award: 
by Jeffrey Fischer-Smith


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