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Independent Theatre Companies Submission

Short + Sweet - Hollywood - Independent Theatre Companies Submission


What is an ITC?
An Independent Theatre Company, or ITC, is a group of theatre professionals putting work on at a Short+Sweet Festival. They submit a proposal to the festival including script, director, and at least one member of the cast.
ITCs range from professional outfits, to existing theatre companies, to schools/TAFEs/universities, to a group of people who have never put on a work of theatre together. Many ITCs are formed specifically for Short+Sweet and have gone on to produce work elsewhere.

Is there a limit to how many plays an ITC can enter into Short+Sweet?
No. An ITC can submit as many proposals as they like. However, the rules of one-play-per-director, one-play-per-writer and two-plays-per-actor still apply. And no, you cannot be involved in more than your quota of plays if one is an ITC and the other is not.
Not all ITC proposals are selected for inclusion in the festival, but presenting a strong idea of your production with experienced team members mean the best chance to produce your work in a safe, friendly and risk-free environment. For S&S 2017 we are also waiving the submission fee for ITCs who want to present a fully formed piece with their own director and cast already selected.

Can ITCs cast from the auditions?
Yes. ITC directors are welcome to attend the casting sessions and contact any actor/s they are interested in.


To register as an ITC (Independent Theatre Company), we want you to sell us on your idea. What makes it unique? And why is your team perfectly suited? 

In your registration, we ask that you include a script or concept – this can just be a one-page pitch if no script is available yet. You can also optionally include one piece of additional support material that you feel may strengthen your application. This could be a company history, artist CV/bios, image of past production, or evidence of further planning for this project. It’s your project, so we encourage you to include whatever you believe to be most relevant. 

If you have any enquiries about submitting ITCs, please contact us on hollywood@shortandsweet.org. If you do not receive a confirmation of your entry, please email us to confirm whether or not you need to try again.


Victoria Watson
Festival Director

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