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Heat 2 Lineup

Here it is, the program for Heat 2 this Monday 20th February at Blood Moon Theatre in Kings Cross, Sydney! 

1. Reality Check by Annisa Belonogoff, Brisbane, Australia.

2. Life’s a Drag by Robin Queree, Sydney, Australia.

3. Fragile Storm by Dawn Fields, California, USA.

4. Distance To Now by Dan Balcaban, United States.

5. Rustling by Joshua Lundberg, Sydney, Australia.

6. Silence Is Golden by Katharine Rogers, Sydney, Australia.

7. Looking Out by Tristan Artin, Sydney, Australia.

8. Good Day To Die by Adrian Jeffs, Victoria, Australia. 

9. Between Lovers by Joey Jameson, Sydney, Australia.

10. Grounded by Kirsty Stark, Adelaide, Australia.

11. United Guys Network by Montgomery Burt, Vancouver, Canada.

12. Slingshot by David Hansen, Australia.