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16 May 2021 to 22 Aug 2021
30 Jun 2021 to 3 Jul 2021
Thursday, July 15, 2021 to Sunday, August 1, 2021
Bridge Street Theatre
Bridge Street
Coniston NSW 2500
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Short+Sweet Theatre Illawarra 2021

Short+Sweet kicks off its third season of bite-sized theatre, two programs featuring 23 original short plays which will be staged at the Bridge Street Theatre Coniston, home of the Phoenix Theatre Company.

Scripts written by Illawarra writers were favoured heavily by our directors, an impressive testimony to our local visionaries who were up against some of our best scripts submitted from around the world.

Our 2021 Top 20 Program has a strong representation of female artists in particular, with 13 directors and 12 writers leading the way in the festival this year.


Week 1 | 15th to 18th July  
Week 2 | 29th July to 1st August 

7:30 pm Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and 5:30 pm Sunday


Adult $22, Student Concession $17

Week 1 Tickets:Week 2 Tickets: 

If you have any questions please contact Executive Producer Luke Berman - luke.berman@shortandsweet.org

Principal Festival Partners

Short+Sweet Illawarra is proud to announce our Top 20 Season of plays.

We have an exciting year, with a strong group of directors and some excellent original scripts.

  • 14 x female writers and 15 x female directors
  • 5 x plays are traveling to Wollongong from Sydney 
  • 1 Group traveling from Brisbane!
  • 4 x First Time Directors
  • 8 x Illawarra... read more



For directors to complete and submitted by Friday 4th June


read more read more



For directors to complete and submitted by Friday 18th June. If you need more time, that's ok, but please contact Luke asap and let him know.

There is a handy little online drawing tool at https://kleki.com/ if you would like to upload a drawing plan.... read more


Actor Registration Form

Dear actors,

Firstly, thank you so much for being involved and volunteering your time and talent to our festival. We hope you will find your Short+Sweet experience an exciting theatrical challenge. But most of all, we want to make sure you're in a safe environment, and that you're nurtured and cared for at... read more

Theatre is back, and we are looking for actors to take the stage in the return of Short+Sweet Theatre Illawarra - Wollongong's contribution to the world's largest little-play festival.

It doesn't matter how old you are, what your cultural background is, your shape or size - with over 20 plays being performed, odds are there will be a role for you!

Short-form theatre is a... read more

Registrations are now open for new and experienced directors to take the helm of one of our shortlisted local and international scripts for Short+Sweet Illawarra 2021.

Directing for Short+Sweet is a fantastic opportunity for new directors to gain experience in producing short-form theatre. It is... read more

Want to submit a script and your own director? Do you have a team of actors ready to go? Submit your group submission, and apply directly to Short+Sweet Illawarra.

ITC entries are perfect for established theatre groups to get involved with Short+Sweet Illawarra and showcase their brand. However, you don't have to be an established organisation - you can form your own group just for the... read more

Short+Sweet Illawarra Team

  1. Luke Berman | Executive Producer, Festival Director | luke.berman@shortandsweet.org

    Elkie Chadwick | Production Manager, Associate Producer | elkie@blackboxtheatre.org

    Tom Peach | Illawarra Literary Manager | literary@blackboxtheatre.org

    Lisa Murray | Associate Producer, Business Development Manager | business@blackboxtheatre.org

    Monica Kickert | Theatre Stage Manager | monica@blackboxtheatre.org

    Production Team

    Nick Lewis | Festival Lighting Designer 

    Stage Crew: Angélique Riou, Karen Illesca


    Mark Cleary | Artistic Director

    Alex Broun | International Literary Manager



  1. 16 March             Actor registrations open

    31 March             Script-Only Submissions Close (Sydney and Illawarra)

                                Director Submissions close (Round 1 of 2)

    30 April                ITC Registrations close

    1 - 2 May             AUDITIONS

    11 June                Festival Launch         

    15 July                Performance Week 1                

    29 July                Performance Week 2

    3 - 11 Sep           Short+Sweet Illawarra Film Festival



    Performance Season:

    Thursday 15 July @ 7:30pm

    Friday 16th July @ 7:30pm

    Saturday 17th @ 7:30pm

    Sunday 18th @ 5:30pm (followed by weekly presentation)



    Adult $22 | Concession + Student $17

    Week 1 Theatre | https://www.trybooking.com/BRNDW

    Week 2 Theatre | https://www.trybooking.com/BRNEL


    "Do Not Go Gentle"

    Written by Graham Yates (Sydney)

    Directed by Sara Nazemi

    CAST: Gordon Streak and Will Worthington


    "Two Psychics Meet on Tinder"

    Written by Adam Szudrich (Sydney)

    Directed by Feargus Manning

    CAST: Isobel Foye and Nathan  Brown



    Written by Kel Vance (Sydney)

    Directed by Adele Masters

    CAST:  Laura Whalan


    "Clean Swap"

    Written + Directed by Brendan Bate (Sydney)

    Produced by Paperboy Productions

    CAST: Zac Chadwick and Alex Groombridge


    "First Date"

    Written by Grace Malouf (Brisbane)

    Grace Malouf & Bridget O'Brien Directed by (Brisbane)

    Produced by Down&Out Production Co.

    CAST: Lia Walsh, Emily Stockwell, Cade Fasala and Nicholas Boxall


    "The Many Deaths of Rasputin"

    Written by Amelia Gilday

    Directed by Shannon Collard

    ITC: Moontan Productions

    CAST: Lydia French Starr, Valentin Perkovic, Shanel Dilip and Anastasia Dolgacheva


    "Crossing the Line"

    Written and directed by Linda Campbell (Illawarra)

    Produced by Phoenix Theatre Company

    CAST: Cathy Bates, Kym Dixon and Aviva Sheba



    Written + Directed by Noah Cegielski (Illawarra)

    CAST: Leah Herbert and Alana Maclean-Dowling


    "The Green Grocer"

    Written by Joni Ravenna (California, USA)

    Directed by Katie Roach


    "Other Priorities"

    Written by Leslie Sanderson (Florida, USA)

    Directed by Jordan Cunningham

    CAST: Jonathan Rodway, Elena Beleska and Alexander Beleski


    "Socialite Networking"

    Written by Nicky Denovan (Berkshire, UK)

    Directed by Kelly-Maree Michael

    CAST: Georgina Reed, Thomas Hadley and Clara Saddi


  1. Performance Season:

    Thursday 29 July @ 7:30pm

    Friday 30th July @ 7:30pm

    Saturday 31st July @ 7:30pm

    Sunday 1st August @ 5:30pm (followed by weekly presentation)



    Adult $22 | Concession + Student $17

    Week 1 Theatre | https://www.trybooking.com/BRNDW

    Week 2 Theatre | https://www.trybooking.com/BRNEL



    “Mirror, Mirror”

    Written by Katrina Samaras (Illawarra)

    Directed by Gabriel McCarthy

    CAST: Leah Herbert and Rosanne Travers


    “Death of a Tradesman”

    Written by Graham Yates (Sydney)

    Directed by Emily Perry

    CAST: Craig Bulmer, Di Mifsud and Graham Yates



    Written by Mark Levine (USA)

    Directed by Glen Woolgar

    ITC: Sheepfish Productions

    CAST: Ben Verdon, Laura Whalan and Michelle Phillips



    Written and directed by Karen Cobban (Illawarra)

    Assistant Director Susan Kennedy 

    ITC: Kaz Productions

    CAST: Ben Verdon and Karen Cobban


    “The Hunt”

    Written by Steen (Illawarra)

    Directed by Nick Lewis

    ITC: Theatre Visage

    CAST: Zach Hanlon, Jack Robbie and Rodney Parker


    “Press Pray”

    Written by Seth Freeman (California, USA)

    Directed by Andrew Gobran

    CAST: Jasmin Shojai and Toryn Biester


    “Something Blue”

    Written by Rae Welch (Twickenham, UK)

    Directed by Stacey Wales

    CAST: Rosanne Travers, Sally Evans, Trish Regal and Rodney Parker


    “Damsel in Revenge”

    Written and directed by Tegan Ware (Illawarra)

    CAST: Alana Maclean-Dowling


    “Talk to the Hand”

    Written by Rodney Marsden (Illawarra)

    Directed by Gabriela Gonzalez

    CAST: Matt Bonnici and Michelle Phillips


    “The Wrinkle Ranch”

    Written by Debra A. Cole (Kansas, USA)

    Directed by Karen Beavis

    CAST: Barbara Weir, Matt Bonnici, Patricia Cotter and Penelope Murray


    “Spell it out”

    Written by Katrina Samaras (Illawarra)

    Directed by Brittany Louise Pike

    CAST: Sally Evans, Ihaka Jones, Barbara Weir and Gabriela Gonzalez