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S+S Illawarra Top 20 Plays 2021

Short+Sweet Illawarra is proud to announce our Top 20 Season of plays.

We have an exciting year, with a strong group of directors and some excellent original scripts.

  • 14 x female writers and 15 x female directors
  • 5 x plays are traveling to Wollongong from Sydney 
  • 1 Group traveling from Brisbane!
  • 4 x First Time Directors
  • 8 x Illawarra writers 
  • 6 x Sydney Writers
  • 5 x International Scripts (USA, UK)


Mirror, Mirror
Written by Katrina Samaras (Illawarra)
Directed by Gabriel McCarthy

Death of a Tradesman
Written and directed by Graham Yates (Sydney)

Clean Swap
Written and directed by Brendan Bate (Sydney)
ITC: Paperboy Productions

Good Time Charlie
Written and directed by Diana McLaren (Illawarra)
ITC: Two Hands Productions

Written and directed by Karen Cobban (Illawarra)
ITC: Kaz Productions

Something Blue
Written by Rae Welch (Twickenham, UK)
Directed by Stacey Wales

Two Psychics Meet on Tinder
Written by Adam Szudrich (Sydney)
Directed by Feargus Manning

Talk to the Hand
Written by Rodney Marsden (Illawarra)
Directed by Gabriela Gonzalez

It Was Tuesday
Written by Donna Hughes (Freemantle, WA)
Directed by Tui Clark

The Many Deaths of Rasputin
Written by Amelia Gilday (Sydney)
Directed by Shannon Collard
ITC: Moontan Productions

Written and directed by Noah Cegielski (Illawarra)

The Green Grocer
Written by Joni Ravenna (California, USA)
Directed by Katie Roach

Spell it out
Written by Katrina Samaras (Illawarra)
Directed by Brittany Louise Pike

Written by Kel Vance (Sydney)
Directed by Adele Masters

Socialite Networking
Written by Nicky Denovan (Berkshire, UK)
Directed by Kelly-Maree Michael

The Campaign
Written and directed by Kate and Grace Malouf (Sydney)
ITC: Malouf Productions

The Hunt
Written by Steen (Illawarra)
Directed by Nick Lewis
ITC: Theatre Visage

Other Priorities
Written by Leslie Sanderson (Florida, USA)
Directed by Jordan Cunningham

The Wrinkle Ranch
Written by Debra A. Cole (Kansas, USA)
Directed by Karen Beavis

Crossing the Line
Written and Directed by Linda Campbell (Illawarra)
ITC: Phoenix Theatre Company

First Date
Written and directed by Kate and Grace Malouf (Sydney)
ITC: Malouf Productions

Do Not Go Gentle
Written by Graham Yates (Sydney)
Directed by Sara Nazemi