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1 Jun 2024 to 3 Aug 2024
29 Aug 2024 to 22 Sep 2024
5 Sep 2024 to 29 Sep 2024
Monday, August 7, 2017 to Saturday, August 12, 2017
Gyan Manch
11,Pretoria Street, Elgin
Kolkata West Bengal 700071
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Short+Sweet Theatre Kolkata 2017

Short+Sweet Theatre festival is back!

Get ready for the second edition of the ten minute 'dramaticules' festival. This year Short+Sweet festival will be held on 7th August to 12th August 2017 at Gyan Manch.

The plays can be in either English, Hindi or Bengali. You can participate as a playwright by submitting a script or as an actor or director. You can enter as a team or an Independent Theatre Company.(ITC) You can Like our Facebook page "Short+Sweet Kolkata" to receive all updates.

PLEASE NOTE that all submissions in the actor, script and theatre group are over. ONLY directors who are willing to take up international scripts may please write to the below email address.

For more information or sponsorship enquiries please contact rashmi@shortandsweet.org

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Short+Sweet Theatre Festival in Kolkata will be held in August this year.

If you would like to direct a 10 minute play or pitch a play with a team attached, then now is the time to fill in the Registration Form that follows this text and submit.

DIRECTORS will be offered a selection of Indian and International Scripts from which to choose.

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Plays in Preliminary Round 1 on 7th August,6.30pm

  1. 1.Name of Play: I am Mad

      Writer /Director: Sumit Binjola (West Bengal /India)

      Name of Theatre Company: Binjola Films

      Cast:Sundeep Binjola ( Manan), Surta Dipta Bhaumik( Dan), Sumit Binjola (Narayan)

      Synopsis or directors note.  Manan a common man pissed with life is about to commit suicide when two crazy men save him and transform him into a higher human being.


    2.Name of Play: Ekti sohoj khuner golpo

      Writer: Precheta Gupta

      Director: Indudipa Sinha

      Cast: Trisha : Indudipa Sinha, Bilu : Krishnendu Adhikari, Nirmalya : Anupam Dhar 

      Synopsis: A psychological thriller which circles around the inter-relationship of a "bad girl" with her "good-boy" fiance and "bad-guy" husband. A story of love, lust, envy and revenge!!


    3.Name of the Play: Chaho ya na Chaho

       Writer/ Director: Vijaylaxmi Kothari

       Theatre Group: Black Sheep

       Cast: Palash Chaturvedi (Person 3) Sulakshana Saha Chakroborty, Ritam Mondal


    4.Name of Play: Dhuaan

      (Inspired by a story by Gulzar)

      Director: Livansh Adhikari

      Crew- Sandy Saha, Smriti Dhar, Palash Chaturvedi

      Name of Theatre Company: REVOLUTION

      Cast: Alkaria Hashmi ( Chaudrain), Rakesh Singh (Biru), Tej Singh Mandhan (Pandit),Gopi (Maulabi), Yuvraj Vyas (Kallu), Vivek Shaurya(Hira), Tanishk Misra (Panna), Balram Kundalia (Narrator), Livansh Adhikari(performer)

      Synopsis: We have forgotten humanity and kindness. The world is filled with selfish people who don't care for humsnity for sake of religion.

    5.Name of Play: Altered Expectations

        Writer: Suzy Wilds (Sydney Australia)

        Director: Piali Ray

        Cast: Arya Gupta (Steven), Sarbani Ghosh (Christine)

        Synopsis:. Steven decides to separate from Christine as he finds no comfort from her to deal with the trauma of their son's near fatal accident. Christine copes with the vicissitudes of  life,alone.

    6.Name of the play- Mehrum Zindagi

       Written and Directed by - Taufeeq Ahmed

       Music- Saustav Naskar

       Cast- Zahid Hossain, Anubhab Dutta,  Apratim Chatterjee and Taufeeq Ahmed 


    7.Name of Play-The Biggest Burp


        Director : Jimish Thakkar

        Cast- Viha


    8.Name of Play-If it


    Director: Naireet Basak

    Sound Design: Anna Lena Styra

    Name of Theatre Company : Who Knows What

    Cast: Sanmitra, Balaka, Tuhina Rohit Monish Priya Suvra Arka Abhishe

    Synopsis: "If it" is a visual representation of the times of our self contradictions and how we merge with them. A self that is transforming every moment with new discoveries and of its own limits and dimensions. Thus, we never seize to dream.



Play in Preliminary Round 2 on 8th August,6.30 pm


    1)Name of Play: " The Witch " ( Dainee )

    Writer/Director:Prodip Chakraborty                               

    Music Director: Manish Ghosh, production Manager: Naba Kumar Naskar, Make up & Costume: Gopal Mondal.Light : Dipak Kar. Stage Management : Niladri Sekhar Das & Rahuldeb Barman.

    Presented by " Malancha Ayan ".

    Cast:Bishal Bhattacharya (Villager), Avik Das (Kaka), Arpita Naskar (Thikhli), Sayan Barman (Mangru), Subhankar Chatterjee(Reporter), Kana Chakraborty (Mathli Buri), Chaitali Chakraborty (Apu), Naba Kumar Naskar (Police Officer).

    Synopsis: The events that followed an investigation into the claims of a witch being kicked out from the village. 


    2)Name of the Play: 1 2 3

    Director: Rajesh Jaiswal

    Writer: Vijaylaxmi Kothari 

    Actors: Vikram Singh Negi ( Act 2 - Male, Act 3- Father) ,Tanya(Ani Das) (( Act 2- Female, Act 3-Mother)) ,Jesica Das (Act 1-Girl, Act 3- Sister), Nazish Akhtar (Act 1- Boy,  Act 3- Brother), Narrator: Rajesh Jaiswal/ Bharat Baid

    Theatre Group:Black Sheep

    Backstage help: Pallavi Lahiri

    Synopsis: The three acts of this play are a light take on the changing social scenario and rising shallowness of people.

    3) Name of Play: Sadako

    Writer/ Director: Sukamal Maitra

    Crew Members -Amit Biswas ( Music),Satyajit Halder( Light), Goutam Halder(Properties), Satarupa ( Make up)

    Theatre Group- Kolkata Shilpobhumi

    Cast- Stuti  (Sadako),Madhurima, Shramana, Muktadip, Koutilya, Vanshika. Prajjal,Satarupa, Goutam

    Synopsis- A little girl is diagnosed of Leukemia due to nucleur explosion in Japan.She heard that she will be cured if she made 100 paper cranes. She died after making 1400.


    4) Play's Name – The Saviour





    5) Name of Play: Bibaho diaries

    Writer: Debanjan chatterjee

    Director:Shuvro shankar banerjee

    Producers: subhobroto biswas ,priyanka dasgupta& rabiul islam

    Cast: subhobroto biswas(arun), Priyanka Dasgupta(Molina), Rabiul Islam(Rintu), Shuvro Shankar Banerjee(Panchu)






    6) Name of the play : Rosh-0-circle

    Writer/ Director: Dibyendu Tarafder

    Assisted in research: Godhuly Bose

    Actors : Dibyendu Tarafder & Godhuly Bose

    Synopsis : Rosogolla -No it's just not a sweet ,an identity or a diversion . It's a way of life harnessed by every bengali living in Bengal . Name , race, ethnicity doesn't  matters. What matters is the extreme happiness heavenly piece of art gives to our soul .Eat this play well . It also has juice of sweetness mixed with life in it .  


    7)Name of Play: Saviour

    Written by: Anubhav

    Directed by: Anubhav and Suman

    Cast; Supash Kumar, Aalia Burman, Mihira Burman and Arav lakhotia

    Synopsis: A lazy boy is given a task and an ultimatum by his father, where he has to use his intelligence and has to work hard to prove himself. Whether or not he completes the task is what we have to see.

    8) Name of Play- Kanoon

    Writer/ Director - Navjot Singh


Plays in Preliminary Round 3 on 9th August, 6.30 pm

  1. 1) Name of Play- Screams and Whispers

    Director: Rashmi Kotriwala ( Not competing for director)

    Writer: Pete Malicki ( Australia)

    Cast: Kripa

    Synopsis: A teenager discovers a latent power - the ability to communicate telepathically with animals. Problem is, they don't speak English. They just fill your head with barks and meows and.. more

    2) Name of play: Padmavati

    Writer/ Director: Varsha Sheth

    Cast: Kautilya A.V. (Padmavati), Swati Sharma (Interviewer), Prajjal Majumder (Secretary)

    Synopsis: An unlikely candidate gives a job interview with confidence and conviction.

    3) Name of Play: Baiju Bawra And Tansen

    Writer: Sumit Binjola (West Bengal, India)

    Director: Sundeep Binjola

    Name of Theatre Company: Binjola Films

    Cast: Tauseef Ahmed (Akbar), Kavita Gupta (Jodha), Nazish Akhtar (Birbal) , Vanshika Pasari (Kathakali), Saayak Chakraborty (Tansen), Sumit Binjola (Baiju Bawra) 

    Synopsis:  Akbar announces a musical war between Baiju Bawra and Tansen to solve the problem of love triangle between Baiju Bawra, Tansen and Kathakali, as informed by Birbal.

    4)Name of Play: Luxury Ride

    Writer: Ravi Krishnan, Bangalore, India

    Director: Shweta Gupta

    Name of Theatre Company :Lithiumhead Productions

    Cast: Vinod Anand(Rajat), Aarti Aney(Sita)

    Synopsis or directors note: A bored to death couple find themselves in an unusual circumstance, that could just be the turn-on that they had been praying for.

    5) Name of Play: Waiting 

    Writer: Aamir Anjum ( Uttar Pradesh, India)

    Director: Aamir Anjum 

    Cast: Ayushi Thakur ( Sutradhaar), Shweta Chaudri ( Rinky), Sounak Kundu ( Santu) 

    Synopsis: Through reflection in conversation between Rinky (Mortician) and her assistant Santu, the play talks about the mundane and inescapable waiting one has to go through in today's time.

    6) Name of Play: The Writer

    Writer: Chip Bolcik , California,USA

    Director: Muktadeep Saha

    Crew: Aratrick Bhadra, Upasana Dhar 

    Cast: Ruchira Mukherjee ( Woman), Muktadeep Saha ( Man))

    Synopsis: A couple suddenly learns that they are written characters, then struggle to understand how their feelings can belong to them, but their words belong to The Writer.




    7) Name of play- Rape of a Rabbit called Rocky or All we need is time. 

    Writer/ Director: Aniruddha Gupta




    8) A play by Aman Jaiswal


Plays in Preliminary Round 4 on 10th August, 6.30pm


    1) Name of Play: Between Us, Mother & Daughter

    Written and Directed by: Purva Grover, Dubai, UAE

    Cast: Sherry Dang Briet & Mandeep Walia

    Synopsis or directors note. :  A rape occurs every 22 minutes each day in India. When will we stop failing our daughters? A tale of faith and love, pain and shame.

    2) Prince Charming’s Complaint

    Writer- Bruce Kane, USA

    Director:  Aaron Julius Punnen

    Cast: Aaron Julius Punnen( Prince  Charming)

    Synopsis- What could a Prince, who has everything in the world, have to complain about?

    3)Name of Play: Fat Fit Fatter

    Writer: Tandrima Ray Bhattacharya

    Director: Tandrima Ray Bhattacharya

    Name of Theatre group 

    Presented by ZOAN

    Cast: Adreeta Roshni Chatterjee(Woman 1)

    Tandrima Ray Bhattacharya(Woman 2)

    Synopsis or directors note Fat fit Fatter is  play which talks about two women of different age group who combat societal pressures ,when they face criticisms regarding their weight.

    4) Name of play: Bhitu

    Director: Priya Saha Roy

    Writer: Priya Saha Roy

    Crew: Ratna Saha Roy

    Actor: Priya Saha Roy.

    5) Name of the Play: The Moral Mess

    Writer: Dakshin Adyanthaya (Mumbai, India)

    Director: Dakshin Adyanthaya

    Name of Theatre Company: Half Wise Being

    Cast: Shreyas Ubale (Shree Hari Prasad Mukhasiyan, Sharma Uncle and Junior Smaran), Ushamrita Choudhury (Smaran's Mother), Dakshin Adyanthaya (Smaran)

    Synopsis:  A story of a frustrated marketing professional, an astrologer who "rings" his bell and an uncle who clings on to his miseries. Will he survive The Moral Mess? 

    6) Name of Play: Zelda 

    Writer:Matt Enlow 


    Cast: Mandeep Walia

    Synopsis:  An expression of love in the form of a song 

    7) Name of Play: #Bangaliana

    Writer: Ishani Ray

    Director: Madhu Sriwastav

    Cast: Aakash Patra (Husband), Prapty Chanda (Wife), Saikat Sett (Mr. Ray), Barnali Karmakar (Mrs Ray), Prithwis Halder( Mr. Ghosh), Madhu Sriwastav (Mrs. Ghosh)

    Synopsis : The play is about the relationship between three Bengali couples-one young and two elderly couples. It’s a comic satire on the frivolity of relationships, how petty things bring out different aspects of human nature.

    8) Name of Play: Get Ready to Play.....

    Writer: (including State and Country)

    Researched and written by a team from Mahadevi Birla World Academy Original team: Sakshi Chavan, Aditi Kumar, Kanika Khetan, Saloni Agarwal 

    facilitated by Dana Roy

    West Bengal, India

    Director: Dana Roy
    Cast: Environmentalist: Sanjana Jain

    Politician: Anushma Sinha

    Game Show Host / News Reporter: Gunjaari Banerjee 

    Artist / Vegetable seller: Teesta Brahma

    Synopsis or directors note: Kolkata ­ the third most populous metropolitan area in India.

    Yet one of the cheapest cities to live in. Can we keep it that way? What exactly are we playing with? 

    9)Name of the play -  ... & the 3rd Person

    Cast - Manav Balmiki , Nilanjana Bala & Ranjan Giri

    Director - Nilanjana Bala 

    Concept - Nilanjana Bala


Gala Final Curtain Raiser 12th August, 6.30pm

  1. Ten Best Plays as chosen by the audience and judges from the plays presented in the preliminary Rounds on 7th-10th August will compete in The Gala Final on 12th Aug

    List of Gala Finalists 


    Get Ready to play

    Ekti Shohoj Khuner Golpo

    The Saviour

    Baiju Bawara and Tansen 

    Screams and Whispers

    I am Mad

    Between us Mother and Daughter

    Prince Charming's Complaint ( FD Choice)

    The Moral Mess ( FD Choice)

    Bhitu ( FD Choice)




Gala Final & Awards 12th August, 6.30 pm

  1. Ten Best Plays as chosen by the audience and judges from the plays presented in the Preliminary Rounds on 7th-10th August will compete in The Gala Final.

     This show contains the same plays as the 4pm Matinee show. The end of the event will be the marked by the announcement of the winners and Awards will be given to the winners. 

    Awards will be given out in the following categories-

    t2 Best Overall Production ( Judges Choice)

    Best Overall Production ( People's Choice)

    Best Actor

    Best Actress

    Best Director

    Best Script




    written by Pete Mallicki, cast Kripa Kotriwala


    written & directed by Purva Grover, cast Mandy Walia, Sherry Dang Briet


    written by Anubhav, directed by Suman Sarawgi, cast- The Doodle Room children


    written & directed by Sundeep Binjola cast- Taufeeq Ahmed, Kavita Gupta, Sayak Chakraborty, Sumit Binjola, Nazish Akhtar, Vanshika Pasari

    5.BEST ACTOR- AARON JULIUS PUNNEN ( Prince Charming's Complaint)


    7.BEST ACTRESS-KRIPA KOTRIWALA (Screams and Whispers)

    8. BEST ACTRESS RUNNERS-UP- SHERRY DANG BRIET(Between Us Mother and Daughter)

    9. BEST SCRIPT- PURVA GROVER (Between Us Mother and Daughter)

    10.BEST DIRECTOR- PURVA GROVER (Between Us Mother and Daughter)