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Thursday, January 18, 2024
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Short+Sweet Sydney Theatre Festival 2024

Play Registrations Have Opened for Short + Sweet Sydney 2024!

Attention all  playwrights, it is with great excitement that we announce registrations for writers wishing to participate in Short + Sweet Sydney are now open! click here to submit script (entry fee $20 AUD) - https://shortandsweet.org/form/script-entries-shortsweet-theatre-2023-24

or you can enter as an ITC/independtant theatre company  (free entry) https://shortandsweet.org/form/itc-registration-shortsweet-sydney 

About Short + Sweet Sydney 2024:

Short + Sweet Sydney 2024 will bring about a revitalized and bold festival headed by the new festival director Liviu Monsted.

Short +Sweet Sydney 2024 aims to focus on new and unique ideas with an added emphasis on spotlighting the individual writers behind the works and their process.

We will be introducing the following new initiatives into the program to better acknowledge the writing and to support the production process.

1. A new award!
Short + Sweet Sydney 2024 will be introducing a new award category:
The Unique Play Award – This award is designed to put a spotlight on plays that have an original or unique premise. We are looking for plays that push boundaries and are utterly like no other, whether that be in structure, premise, tone or style.

2. The mentor program
It is most important that we encourage first timers into the festival on all fronts, from writers to directors and so on. To facilitate the newcomers, we will have 6 Short+Sweet alumni who will act as mentors to the newcomers.

3. Script In Hand Partnership
Once your play has been shortlisted, we will be offering you the chance to further develop your works through Script In Hand, a program where a director and actors will be sourced and a staged reading will be performed to other creatives. This is a way for you to see the work on its feet before its Short + Sweet run, and a quick-fire way to help find a director and cast.

Short + Sweet Sydney 2024 is putting the spotlight back on the writer and we look forward to reading your works.

Best of luck!

Liviu Monsted
Festival Director - Short + Sweet Sydney
Ph: 0402940275
Email: liviu.monsted@shortandsweet.org


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Thank you for your interest in submitting an independent production for Short+Sweet Sydney 2024

If you have a production burning to get on stage, this is the venue for you! 

Independent Theatre Companies (ITCs) may pitch their ten minute production using this form. You don't have to be an established organisation - we love to see new creative groups form and grow from this... read more

Production Team



    Mark Cleary | Artistic Director


    Vee Malnar | Literary Manager


    Luke Berman | International Coordinator




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