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Director Registrations Open

We are excited to open registrations for Illawarra theatre directors to take on a ten minutes script and turn it into a quality piece of theatre.

Successful directors will be responsible to guide their actors through their rehearsal process and liaise with Short+Sweet to make sure your play has the support it needs to produce in the festival. Successful directors will read a batch of scripts and give preferences for the plays they are willing to direct. Once they are given a play, directors are asked to cast their play from the Short+Sweet open auditions and organise their own rehearsal spaces. They will need to ensure the vision of the writer is implemented as well as possible, and to ensure their cast are nurtured in a happy, productive and professional working environment.

This is a wonderful opportunity for experienced local directors to inject themself into this fast-and-furious form of theatre, and is also a wonderful opportunity for emerging directors to wear the director's hat for the first time.

Once the plays go on stage, your play may be eligible to be selected to perform another season in. Throughout your performance week both audience and judges will send the best of our plays on the road to Short+Sweet festivals in Sydney, Canberra or possibly Hollywood. 

To apply to direct for Short+Sweet Illawarra, please click here.