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Wildcard: Experimental Submissions

We are now accepting applications for dance works to be included in the Wildcard: Experimental performance, Short+Sweet Dance Sydney.

Wildcard:Experimental is aimed at delivering process to the audience and providing a platform for choreographers to receive critical feedback on their short works and the opportunity to immediately implement it.

We are looking to present 4 to 5 works as a part of the afternoon.

The afternoon will begin at 2pm with the choreographers presenting their works to an audience. Following the performance, the audience, choreographers and dancers will engage in a critical feedback session and discussion of the works, facilitated by the festival directors. The choreographers and dancers are then given one hour to reworks their pieces, choosing to change as much or as little as they want. After the hour, they are then asked to reperform the works for the same audience.

During the one hour interval, two choreographers will be invited to work with a group of dancers unknown to them to each create a new short work, in front of the audience. They will have twenty minutes each to choreograph and five minutes to perform. This interval will also include a break for the audience.

Wildcard: Experimental takes place on Saturday February 1st 2014, with a tech and dress rehearsal as required in the morning followed by the performance at 2pm. Choreographers and their dancers must be available for the day. The performance, along with the rest of the festival takes place at the New Theatre in Newtown.

Participating artists will receive an artists pass which will give them free entry into any Short+Sweet Dance performance as well as have their works be elligible for selection for the Short+Sweet Dance Gala on Sunday February 2nd.

Choreographers who are interested in presenting work as a part of Wildcard:Experimental are asked to complete the registration form below by January 6th. Festival Directors Joshua Lowe and Adam Wheeler will then be in touch to discuss your submitted work. Choreographers who would like to submit an expression of interest two create a work in the interval should email Josh at josh@shortandsweet.org.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Josh at josh@shortandsweet.org.

Registration closes January 6th.

including country/area codes
If you have video footage of your work uploaded online, please paste the link here. If not, footage of previous work is also acceptable.