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Friday, January 17, 2020 to Saturday, February 1, 2020
Sharjah Fringe
Masrah Al Qasba
United Arab Emirates
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Short+Sweet Theatre Sharjah 2020

The first ever SHORT+SWEET SHARJAH was held at the Masrah Theatre - Al Qasba from Jan 17 to Feb 1, 2020 as part of the inaugural Sharjah Fringe

Congratulations to the winners of the first ever Gala Final of SHORT+SWEET SHARJAH and thanks to Mr Brian Wilkie MBE for presenting the awards. Here are the winners:


BEST NEWCOMER: Yahya Abou Zeid

BEST ACTOR: Sunil Jasuja (Dedh Inch Upar)

BEST ACTOR RUNNER-UP: Ahmed Abdul Hadi (I want to sleep & Spirits)

BEST ACTRESS: Sherry Dang Briet (Between us Mother & Daughter)

BEST ACTRESS RUNNER-UP: Mona Al Mohamady (I want to sleep)

BEST DIRECTOR: Tareq Abou Zeid (Spirits)

BEST WRITER: Purva Grover (Between us Mother & Daughter)

PEOPLE’S CHOICE WINNER: Dedh Inch Upar presented by Theatrewallas UAE

BEST OVERALL PRODUCTION: Between us Mother & Daughter

Thanks to the Sharjah Fringe for hosting the Festival and all our wonderful writers, directors, actors and Independent Theatre Companies who made the first ever Short+Sweet Sharjah such a wonderful event. We’ll see you again in 2021!!!

The full line up for SHORT+SWEET SHARJAH 2020 was as follows:


Friday 17 Jan @ 16:30

A Doll's House (Presented by Art Box Group)

Cry for Me


To Be or Not To Be


Friday 17 Jan @ 22:00


Sprirts (Presented by Art Box Group)

The Basket-Cases

Zahra (Presented by Art Box Group)


Saturday 18 Jan @ 16:30

Charming Carmen (Presented by Art Box Group)

Chidi ki Dukki (Presented by Theatrewallas) 

I conquer therefore I am

Superposition (Presented by StudioRepublik)

The most important words of my life



Saturday 18 Jan @ 22:00

Chidi ki Dukki (Presented by Theatrewallas)

I conquer therefore I am

I want to Sleep (Presented by Art Box Group)


The Basket-Cases


Fri 24 Jan @ 20:00

Once in a school day (Presented by Art Box Group)

Dedh Inch Upar (Presented by Theatrewallas)

Never Give Up (Presented by StudioRepublik)

Television Man 

Charming Carmen (Presented by Art Box Group)


Sat 25 Jan @20:00

Dedh Inch Upar (Presented by Theatrewallas)

The Flowers

The Hold Up (Presented by StudioRepublik)

Never Give Up (Presented by StudioRepublik)

A Doll's House (Presented by Art Box Group)


Friday 31 Jan @ 20:00

Between us mother and daughter

Bhediya (Presented by Theatrewallas)

Never Give Up (Presented by StudioRepublik)

Shhh Don't Open That Box


Saturday 1 Feb @ 20:00 - Gala Final

The best plays from the Festival as chosen by our judges and audience:

I want to Sleep (Presented by Art Box Group) JUDGE'S CHOICE WEEK 1

Sprits (Presented by Art Box Group) JUDGE'S CHOICE WEEK 1

Dedh Inch Upar (Presented by Theatrewallas) JUDGE'S CHOICE WEEK 2

Between us mother and daughter JUDGE'S CHOICE WEEK 3

To be or not to be PEOPLE'S CHOICE

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