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1 Jun 2024 to 3 Aug 2024
29 Aug 2024 to 22 Sep 2024
5 Sep 2024 to 29 Sep 2024
Thursday, September 3, 2020 to Monday, October 19, 2020
The Marilyn Monroe Theatre
7936 Santa Monica Blvd
at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute
West Hollywood, CA 90046
United States
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Short+Sweet Theatre Hollywood 2020 - CANCELLED

*In response to current bans on public gatherings due to the recent spike in COVID19 cases in Los Angeles County:

Short+Sweet is the 'biggest little festival in the world'. Showcasing short form theatre, film, dance and more, versions of the festival are presented in 35 cities in 10 countries around the world.

Short+Sweet Hollywood celebrated its most successful festival in its 4 years in Los Angeles in 2019, showcasing open English language entries from as far as Dubai and Australia; Latinx entries from across the U.S, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela and Colombia; and the addition of an LGBTQ+ program, as well as Dance and Film.

2020 was set to deliver an even more diverse and exciting program. Unfortunately, that won't be the case as Festival Director Nick Hardcastle announced the cancellation of the Festival.

"It is with great regret that we have had to cancel Short+Sweet 2020. While we have vigorously tried to innovate over the last 4 months to ensure that we could welcome you all back to the festival this year, recent spikes in Covid-19 cases in California and the responsive measures taken have forced us to concede that bringing our community of artists and audiences into the theatre simply won't be possible this year. However, we will be bringing you some special online events to keep you all connected with our partners at NBC, Argentum studios and our literary team here at Short+Sweet."

Jandiz Estrada Cordoso, Senior Director of Talent Development Inclusion and Grace Moss, Director of Talent Development & Inclusion for NBC Entertainment will be sharing a 'fireside chat' with Hardcastle on September 10; and Short+Sweet International Literary Manager Alex Broun, also the most performed short play writer in the world, will be giving a free lab in writing your ten minute play - A perfect opportunity to take advantage of the extra time you now have to submit for next year. All plays submitted for 2020 will still be considered for the next festival and all future festivals around the world as programs go into production again in various places that are safe to do so. Short+Sweet Sydney resumes on September 14.

Short+Sweet Film Festival will also not go ahead as planned, but all films submitted will be eligible for consideration when the festival returns next year. Open auditions for actors were to take place this weekend, July 25 and 26 at the Lee Strasberg Institute for the open English language, Latinx and LGBTQ+ programs. These are also cancelled.

"I want to personally thank everyone on our Diversity and Inclusion programming team, our writers, actors and directors as well as our partners at NBC, Argentum Studios, Global Talent Immigration and Final Draft. The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the team at the Lee Strasberg Institute have been incredibly accommodating as we have tried to navigate this unprecedented time and we are certainly looking forward to delivering an incredible festival from the Institute when we return in 2021. We appreciate this has been a very difficult time for so many of us and we look forward to welcoming our community and new friends to our online experiences in September."

To keep updated on the online program for Short+Sweet and for the latest news on the 2021 festival, visit shortandsweet.org/festivals/shortsweet-theatre-hollywood-2020.


Welcome to Short+Sweet Hollywood 2020!

Short+Sweet - the biggest little festival in the world, returns to the Marilyn Monroe Theatre at the Lee Strasberg Institute in West Hollywood, from September 3 - October 19, 2020!

This year's categories are Open English language Theatre, LatinX Theatre, LGBTQ+ Dance and Film! Please join us for regular events in the Actor's lounge, like and follow us on social media and stay tuned to this page for more announcements. In the meantime, submissions are open for English Language plays here, for our LatinX program here and you can submit  your script or proposal for your LGBTQ+  short work here. You can find out more about the Short+Sweet Film Festival by visiting our film festival page here!

SUBMISSIONS FOR PLAYS / LIVE THEATRICAL WORKS CLOSE ON JUNE 30          *please note that all dates are subject to change 

Registrations for Short+Sweet festivals are open every year to returning, established and first-time directors. Short+Sweet is the perfect opportunity for actors, writers or anyone to try directing for the first time. Directors are able to choose from all shortlisted scripts for their local festival, and are encouraged to communicate with their Writers throughout the process. 

To apply to direct a play for Short+Sweet Hollywood, please register here. Successful directors will be notified by July 1 and will be sent plays from our shortlist. They must then return to us with their top three preferences by no later than July 24. The highest preference will be allocated wherever possible.

Directors cannot act in their own play unless they enter the production as an ITC (Independent Theatre Company) which is where the play, Director and cast are all already attached and submit directly to the Festival Director. Places for ITC's are limited in the festival. Directors are allowed to direct a maximum of one play in Short+Sweet, unless otherwise granted permission by the Festival Director.



Actors wishing to audition can prepare a 2 minute monologue and attend our open auditions at the Lee Strasburg Institute Saturday July 25 for Spanish speaking actors and Sunday July 26 for English speaking actors from 10am to 6pm. You can register here - and more information is in the news tab below.

On behalf of my artistic team, we look forward to welcoming writers, directors and performers to share their talents with us, as well as our audience, to experience these stories and a festival like no other!

Hooray for Hollywood!

Nick Hardcastle.

Festival Director

Short+Sweet Hollywood 



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Thank you for your registering for our "WRITE YOUR 10 MINUTE PLAY" webinar.

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Thank you for your interest in directing for Short+Sweet Hollywood 2020!

We welcome directors from all walks of life, from professional directors to enthusiastic first timers. Everyone will be given consideration. You'll be asked to submit a cv or any relevant information to us and your choice of program - Open English Language Theatre, LatinX Theatre or LGBTQ+ Theatre.

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  1. Actors wishing to audition can prepare a no longer than 2 minute monologue and attend our open audtions at the Lee Strasberg Institue on Saturday JULY 25 for Spanish speaking actors/LATINO PROGRAM WORKS and Sunday JULY 26 for English speaking actors from 9am to 6pm. For the convenience of directors having to cast specific roles and to ensure that actor's are not waiting too long to be seen, the audition slots have been allocated according to 'playing age' for the suitabilty of roles being cast. 

    On the day, arrive with a printed copy of your headshot and bio with your contact information clearly marked at the corresponding time on the day that suits your language prepference. You may audition for both Spanish and English language productions if you are fluent in both languages.

    Actors with a playing age of:

    Under 18-25. 10am -11am

    25-35. 11am -1pm


    35-50. 1.30pm - 4:30pm

    50 to 150 (!!). 4:30pm-6pm