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10 May 2024 to 16 Jun 2024
1 Jun 2024 to 3 Aug 2024
6 Jun 2024 to 22 Jun 2024
Monday, August 3, 2015 to Saturday, August 15, 2015
Courtyard Studio Theatre
Civic Square, London Circuit
Canberra ACT
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Short+Sweet Theatre Canberra


Best Writer

Greg Gould – The Truth About Mum and Dad (WINNER)

Pete Malicki – The Long Game

Ruth Pieloor – Baby Blues

Best Production Shortlist


Baby Blues

Thank You Mr Pong Pat (WINNER)

Best Production – People’s Choice

The Truth About Mum + Dad

Best Director

Chenoeh Miller – Grace/Thank You Mr Pong Pat

Shelly Higgs – Baby Blues (WINNER)

Katie + Joe Woodward - HUSH

Best Actor (Male)

Nigel Palfreman  (Meeting Matt Damon)

Brendan Kelly (The Truth About Mum +Dad) (WINNER)

Yannick Lawry (The Long Game)

Best Actor (Female)

Alyson McGregor (Beautiful)

Ruth Peiloor (Baby Blues) (WINNER)

Jess Waterhouse (The Truth about Mum + Dad)

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Artist Information

  1. DIRECTOR, ACTOR, THEATRE COMPANY registrations open NOW!

    If you would like to direct a play, act in a play or pitch a play with a team attached then now is the time to grab a registration form.  Email kate@shortandsweet.org

    Directors will be offered a selection of plays from which to choose.

    Actors can audition for all of the directors.

    Independent Theatre companies (ITC) can pitch a play with all or part of a team attached.  Your play can be from anywhere so long as it’s only 10 minutes in duration.

    If you have any questions about any of this please contact Kate Gaul kate@shortandsweet.org


    Monday May 18th, 2015

    It’s never too early to send your 10 minute script in for assessment.

    For the good oil click here: http://shortandsweet.org/submit-script


    Monday June 1st, 2015



    Wednesday June 3rd, 2015

    If you have registered as a director you will be sent a number of scripts from which to choose.  If you prefer a particular genre eg, comedy, drama, fantasy then make sure you indicate that on the registration form (attached).


    Monday June 8th, 2015

    Directors will be notified of their confirmed script selection.

    ITCS will be notified of place in the season.


    Friday 12th June, 2015



    Sunday June 14th

    Register as an actor and you will be sent an audition time during the week preceding the Audition Date.

    Actors are required to present a 1 – 2 minute Australian monologue.


    Sunday June 14th 5.00pm – 6.30pm

    This is a compulsory session for ALL directors participating in Short+Sweet 2015.

    If you cannot attend you MUST nominate a representative.


    Kate will contact you for details about your production (eg, lighting) at the end of July.

The Season

  1. TOP 20 – WEEK ONE


    Monday 3rd August from 9am – each team presenting work in WEEK ONE will be allocated 35 minutes of tech time during this day

    6.30pm Full Company Briefing

    7.30pm Dress Rehearsal – all Short+ Sweet Participants welcome.

    The Dress Rehearsal will be photographed.


    TOP 20 - WEEK ONE Season

    Tuesday 4th August – Friday 7th August 7.30pm




    Saturday 8th August from 9am – each team presenting work as part of the WILDCARDS season will be allocated 15 minutes of tech time before the Company Briefing at 1pm.



    Saturday 8th August 2.30pm + 7.30pm

    The 2.30pm performance will be photographed.


    TOP 20 – WEEK TWO


    Monday 10th August from 9am – each team presenting work in WEEK TWO will be allocated 35 minutes of tech time during this day

    6.00pm Full Company Meeting

    7.30pm Dress Rehearsal – all Short + Sweet Participants welcome.

    The Dress Rehearsal will be photographed.

    TOP 20 - WEEK TWO Season

    Tuesday 11th August – Friday 14th August 7.30pm


    Saturday 15th August from 9am – each team presenting work as part of the GALA Performances will be allocated 15 minutes of tech time before the Company Briefing at 1pm.

    GALA SHOWCASE Performances

    Saturday 15th August 2.30pm + 7.30pm

    Followed by Awards

    Week One, Wildcards, Week Two – 4 productions are selected from each by the industry judges and audience will play in the GALA showcase on Saturday 15th August.

    * WHAT IS A WILDCARD ? – The Wildcards are selected a number of ways – there may be edgier content, it may be a second piece from an ITC, director or writer, it might be a piece that is terrific but doesn’t fit into the programming of the Top 20 lists.

Gala Finals Running Order

  1. Meeting Matt Damon (Top 20/Week Two)

    Hilary longs for a magical moment beyond the mundane. Is meeting Matt Damon enough?

    Written by Ron Burch (USA)

    Directed by Belinda Henderson

    Matt Damon – Nigel Palfreman

    Hilary – Monica Styles

    Grace (Top 20/Week One)

    Grace explores the lives of three very special women.

    Written by Alex Broun (NSW)

    Directed by Chenoeh Miller

    Christina De Melo

    Alison McGregor

    Katie Woodward

    The Truth about Mum and Dad (Top 20/Week One)

    Parents. We know they do. We pretend they don’t.

    Blemish Productions

    Written and Directed by Greg Gould (ACT)

    Jason – Brendan Kelly

    Rachel – Jess Waterhouse

    Stagnant (Wildcard)

    We explore themes of childhood, gender, competition, power, violence and freedom

    Fast + Fresh Winners 2015 

    Devised by the cast (ACT)

    Oliver Simonetti, Jaslyn Mairs, Michaela Lavers, Nina Wood, Jemma Collins, Matt Thompson, Jack Tinga

    Gnome de Plume (Wildcard)

    A garden gnome and a businessman meet in a park.

    Written by Sally Davies (NSW)

    Directed By Michael Fiddian

    Gnome – Daniel Tonon

    Man – Heath Keighran

    Face Hole (Top 20/Week One)

    Face Hole questions our perceptions of culture, modesty and expressing yourself.

    Written and Directed by Laura Griffin (ACT)

    Toby – Luke Atchison

    Maddy - Michaela Ripper

    Mother – Kym Starr

    Beautiful (Top 20/Week One)

    Sparkles undertakes a journey of self-discovery.

    Written and performed by Alison McGregor (ACT)


    The Long Game (Wildcard)

    We challenge the assumptions we make about people: who are they, and what are their motives? What you see is so rarely what you get!

    Written by Pete Maliki (NSW)

    Performed by Yannick Lawry

    Sluts and Stars (Wildcard)

    Private schoolgirls flouting a strict dress code are torn between saving themselves from possible expulsion and making a stand.

    Written By Kirsty Budding (ACT)

    Directed by Anna Miley

    Anna – India Murphy

    Jess - Jaslyn Mairs

    Jordan - Fletcher Lodwick

    Baby Blues (Top 20/Week Two)

    An unhappy baby speaks out about her over-protective mother and her dissatisfaction with modern-day parenting practises. Will anyone hear her cries for help?

    Directed by Shelly Higgs

    Written and Performed by Ruth Pieloor (ACT)

    Thankyou Mr Pongpat (Top 20/Week Two)

    Mr Pongpat sets straight a couple in dire need of assistance.

    Written by Frank Leggett (NSW)

    Directed by Chenoeh Miller

    Hamish – Pete Butz

    Lara - Alison McGregor

    Mr Pongpat – Ben Drysdale

    Survival Strategy (Top 20/Week Two)

    Two office workers find a way to get from each other what they can't get at home.

    Written by Donna Hoke (USA)

    Director – Arne Sjostedt

    Jenny – Olivia Hropic

    Jerry – Christopher Ritchie

    Hush (Top 20/Week Two)


    A grotesque beauty queen tells a tale from her bathtub.

    Directed by Katie Woodward + Joe Woodward

    Performed by MC KREWD (ACT)