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10 May 2024 to 16 Jun 2024
1 Jun 2024 to 3 Aug 2024
6 Jun 2024 to 22 Jun 2024
Sunday, April 5, 2015 to Sunday, May 3, 2015
Alliance Francaise De Bangalore
PB No 108, Opp UNI Building, Thimmaiah Road, Vasanth Nagar
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Short+Sweet Theatre Bangalore

Sponsored and Presented by the Tortilla Entertainment Company

from Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai

Comedies, Dramas and even Thrillers

April 5, 17, 19 - 8pm | April 12 - 4pm & 8pm
April 24 - 8pm | April 25 4pm & 8pm

May 2 - 3 pm & 7pm | May 3 - 3pm & 7pm

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April 12- 4 pm - Round 1 GROUP B

  1. Intervention

    Presented by:  Quirky Quarks

    Playwright - Suhit Kumar

    Director - Tushar Gandhi

    Cast – Thejash S, Apoorva Vasisht, Suhit Kumar, Adithya Nair, Shridhar Kulkarni

    For every addiction, there is always an intervention.


    Boyz are Boyz

    Presented by: Hi5 Entertainment

    Playwright: Jayanth V.M

    Director: Jayanth V.M

    Cast: Naresh Bhat, Sourav Banerjee, Meghna Jain, Jayanth V.M

     A MIME comedy about Boys, Friendship and Lady Love !




     Because the World needs Unicorns

    Presented by: Attempts at Being Grown-Up

    Playwright: Cerise de Gelder

    Cast: Shravan Kumar, Bhargav Sanketi, Apoorva Srinath

     All the poor unicorn wants is to escape the flood, but Noah won't let her on the Ark.


    The End

    Presented by: Pravara Art Studio

    Playwright - Gagan Prasad

    Director - ArasuBharath Gowda

    Cast - Abishith Rao,Gagan Prasad , Pramod Muthagi Venugopal

     Death is the not the solution to every problem.


    Search for Gracy

    Presented by: Dramasutra

    Playwright: Danny

    Director: Danny

    Cast: Danny, Skanda, Gopal, Dimpy,Som

    A search for missing daughters


    Pills & Poison

    Presented by: CISB

    Playwright : Ensemble 

    Director : Ensemble

    Cast :  Misaki Nakahiro, Vishal Kulkarni,  Akansha Suresh,  Bushra Shaikh

    It revolves around a man inside an asylum driven by madness after the death of his wife.


    Playing Dead

    Presented by:  Anonymous ink

    Playwright :  Bhavik Bhandari

    Director  :  Bhavik Bhandari

    Cast : Bhavik Bhandari ,Ashwati Iyer , Anjana Balaji

     When Sameer comes home late from his travels, his old anxious mother plays dead!


    To Kiss or Not to Kiss

    Presented by:Wild Horse Entertainments

    Playwright - Kamlesh Acharya

    Director - Karthick Sekar

    Cast - Deepashree C, Karthick Sekar

    A classic tale of the Nice Guy vs Bad Boy battle to win the romantic interests of the modern day woman. 


    God In the Loo

    Playwright :Sarbajeet Das

    Director: Kriti, Rohini, Saurabh and Neeraj 

    Cast :  Sarbajeet, Rohini

     A light hearted humor when a stressed Bengali girl encounters God in a loo!


    Waiting for Network

    Presented by:UNLIMIT

    Playwright:Tapan Mozumdar

    Director: Tapan Mozumdar

    Cast: Tapan Mozumdar, Aarti Sivakumar

    The New Almighty, Unexpect  the expected


    The Kill

    Presented by: Random Play

    Playwright : Alex Broun

    Director :  Ashwin Sharma, Santhosh Nandivada

    Cast : Ashwin Sharma and Santhosh Nandivada

    An ugly turn of events off the cricket pitch.




April 12- 8 pm - Round 1- GROUP C

  1. 'WhatZapped Us'

    Presented by: ShadowLights Entertainment

    Playwright : Vinod Kumar S

    Director : Vinod Kumar S

    Cast : Anirudha Srinivas, Naresh Babu, Prashant Kumar R, Raghava Thummapudi,

    Ravishankar Ramamurthy, Varun Marichi

    Everyone says that we have shrunk the world with technology and can connect with people anywhere in the world!



    Presented by: Wayward Productions

    Playwright: Nisha Abdulla

    Director: Rahul Thomas

    Cast: Rahul Thomas, Ayesha Sasikumar, Madhumay Sinha

     Arjun has been running for more than 15 years. A cup of coffee stops him. 



    Presented by:  Pravara Art Studio

    Playwright - ArasuBharath Gowda  &  Venkatesh Bharadwaj 

    Director - Hanu Ramasanjeev

    Cast - Rakshith Yogesh ,Hanu Ramasanjeev , Venkatesh Bharadwaj , Tejashwini Ramesh , ArasuBharath Gowda

     A Nation's development is in your ways ,your thoughts and your strategies and your plans.



    Presented by: The Non-conforming Non- conformists

    Playwright: Harikesh Subramanian

    Director: Harikesh Subramanian

    Cast: Vandhana Rajgopal, Harikesh Subramanian 

    " Medicine still can’t explain so many phenomena of the complex human body, Like why some kids fart when we pull their finger." 



    Presented by:  ABCDarian

    Playwright:         Benu Bina Banik

    Director:             Benu Bina Banik

    Cast:                   Prasad Karat, Vaishnavi Ramanujam

     Boys don't cry. What if they did? 




    Meter Down


    Presented by: AK Productions

    Playwright :  Mohammed Tanveer and Mohd Shariq

    Director :  Mohammed Tanveer

    Cast : Mohammed Tanveer, Rithu Swamy, Papiya Dhar and Minakshi Sharma

     A flirtatious guy who gets robbed in an unusual way.



    Presented by: Acne Vulgaris Productions

    Playwright - Dr. Anil Abraham 

    Director - Dr .Jagdish Chaturvedi

    Cast - Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi

     An eyeopening, local istyle rap monologue that will make you rethink your actions. 



    Like Sunshine

    Presented by: Anything Goes

    Playwright: Kusum Punjabi

    Director: Ravi D'Abreo

    Cast: Aditi Sivaraman & Mohan Ram

    If hope doesn't die, it becomes faith.


     Valentine's Day

    Presented by: Artery Productions

    Playwright : Kamlesh Acharya

    Director : Hardik Sha

    Cast : Krishna and Trishala

    The most romantic love story is not when Romeo and Juliet died together,  when Meera and Mahesh lovingly aged together.


    The Last Act


    Presented by: a.g.n.i Theatre!

    Playwright: Sunaina Mudaliar

    Director - Prateek Prajosh

    Cast - Kunahan Thampi, Sunaina Mudaliar

     "The stage is set. There's no turning back."



    Prince Charming’s Complaint


    Presented by: ‘What’s in A Name?’ Productions

    Director: Samanvita Shetty

    Cast: Aaron Julius Punnen

    He's got everything. What could he possibly complain about?!