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Wednesday, September 23, 2015 to Sunday, October 4, 2015
Kuala Lumpur
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Short+Sweet Musical Kuala Lumpur

S+S Musical 2015 will be held on

Week 1: 23 Sep to 26 Sep (Wed - Sat)
Week 2: 30 Sep to 3 Oct (Wed - Sat)
Gala: 4 Oct (Sun)

Time: 8.30pm

Venue: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

Week 1: 23 Sep to 26 Sep (Wed - Sat)

1. Belantara
Director: Ping Khoo
Music Director: to be confirmed
Lyricist: Hana Nadira
Composer: Hana Nadira

2. Spookshow Demon
Director: Clarence Kuna
Producer/Third Eye: Majidah Hashim
Music Director: Clarence Kuna
Lyricist: Clarence Kuna
Composer: A.d
Fatin Syazwanie, Sabrina Yap, Clarence Kuna

3. Possible Fathers
Director: Richard Chua
Music Director:  to be confirmed
Lyricist: Rex McGregor
Composer: Rex McGregor

4. Up All Night
Director: Alvin Looi
Music Director: Kelvin Loh
Lyricist: Terence Toh
Composer: Lydia Tong
Li Jin as Student, Vanessa Ng as Distraction, Elle Lim as Sleep,
Emma Ong as Despair, Desmond Kee as Guardian Angel,
Terence Toh as Word Counter 

5. Chasing Sunset
Director: Shafeeq Shajahan
Music Director: Shafeeq Shajahan
Lyricist: Shafeeq Shajahan
Composer: Shafeeq Shajahan


Week 2: 30 Sep to 3 Oct (Wed - Sat)

1. Something2Fight
Director: Stephen-Megam
Music Director: to be confirmed
Lyricist: Alvin Looi
Composer: Alvin Looi

2. Stand Up ... Or Die Trying
Director: Yoke Tan
Music Director: Eric Loong
Lyricist: Lenny Wan
Composer: Eric Loong

3. 寻人启事
Director: Skrave Kek
Music Director: Tan Yun Shin
Lyricist: Teh Yee Tyng
Composer: Tan Yun Shin
Tan Yu Yan & Leong Zhao Wen, 

4. Serendipity
Director: Kevin Eng
Music Director: Jian Ning
Lyricist: Kevin Eng
Composer: Jian Ning

5. Walk With Me
Director: Michael Chen
Music Director: Vale V Wong
Lyricist: Vale V Wong
Composer: Vale V Wong

6. Kabhi Ladoo Kabhi Tempe
Director: Matthew Koh
Music Director: Joanna Van
Lyricist: Fa Abdul
Composer: Joanna Van & Kam T.

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