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10 May 2024 to 16 Jun 2024
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Sunday, February 7, 2016
41 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
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Short+Sweet Cabaret Gala Finals 2016

Short+Sweet Cabaret features inspiring 10-minute performances and showcasing the full range of cabaret - including dance, musical theatre, burlesque, even magic and comedy! 

Short+Sweet Cabaret is a sparkling jewel to the Short+Sweet crown featuring inspiring 10-minute performances, showcasing the full range of cabaret, including dance, musical theatre, and burlesque! 

Merging theatre and music cabaret creates an atmosphere of exploration, energy, politics, stories, characters, burlesque, songs, and silliness. Short+Sweet Cabaret is a forum where new ideas are tested, risks are taken, where the performers and audience share and intimate experience of something new, and never seen before. 

After presenting over 30 short works, and much deliberating of judges and audiences, the season culminates into a spectacular Gala Final – showcasing the best of the best. 

Join us at Slide to see the full display of Cabaret performance from dance to magic, pole to parody, all in one spectacular show!


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