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Thursday, September 24, 2015 to Sunday, September 27, 2015
100 Motions Road
Western Springs Auckland 1022
New Zealand
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Short+Sweet Cabaret Auckland

Short+Sweet. Not Shortland Street.

Short+Sweet New Zealand brings you festivals of ten minute theatre, dance and song. The Short+Sweet Festival Auckland presents a 4 week season featuring over 35 plays, 40 dance pieces and 10 short musicals. Each rendition of the festival features the collaboration of over 50 directors, 40 playwrights, 40 choreographers, 10 composers and close to 300 performers… all volunteers!

A night at Short+Sweet consists of the audience seeing ten pieces, each of which is no longer than ten-minutes. It is a night in the theatre where you never quite know what is coming next. You are presented with a feast of styles and subjects, and the next piece is only ever ten minutes away. At the end the audience are asked to vote for their favourite prompting the show to conclude with a foyer filled with discussion and debate.

We are super excited to kick of this 6th season of the Short+Sweet Festival Auckland and our 1st season of Short+Sweet Wellington!

The Festival always brings together a melting pot of professional, emerging and recreational artists in one place and this year we want to encourage you to work with new people or try something you haven’t done before. We are looking for scripts, directors, actors, choreographers and independent theatre companies/groups to help us take over Auckland 10-minutes at a time!

For full festival information, the latest news and images, visit http://www.shortandsweet.org.nz

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at hello@shortandsweet.org.nz

Short+Sweet Festival Auckland

Short+Sweet Theatre
1 – 13 September 2015

Short+Sweet Song
15 – 19 & 27 September 2015

Short+Sweet Cabaret
24 – 27 September 2015

Short+Sweet Dance
29 September – 4 October 2015

Short+Sweet Festival Wellington @ BATS

Short+Sweet Theatre
3 – 8 November 2015


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