Wildcard: Experimental Submissions

We are now accepting applications for dance works to be included in the Wildcard: Experimental performance, Short+Sweet Dance Sydney.

Wildcard:Experimental is aimed at delivering process to the audience and providing a platform for choreographers to receive critical feedback on their short works and the opportunity to immediately implement it.

We are looking to present 4 to 5 works as a part of the afternoon.

including country/area codes
If you have video footage of your work uploaded online, please paste the link here. If not, footage of previous work is also acceptable.

Wildcard: Youth Submissions

We are now accepting applications for dance works to be included in the Wildcard: Youth performance, Short+Sweet Dance Sydney.

Wildcard:Youth is aimed at supporting and presenting short works choreographed by current students studying dance and/or recent graduates. Choreographers who are interested in presenting work as a part of the festival are asked to complete the registration form below by January 6th. Festival Directors Joshua Lowe and Adam Wheeler will then be in touch to discuss your submitted work.

including country/area codes
If you have video footage of your work uploaded online, please paste the link here. If not, footage of previous work is also acceptable.

Short + Sweet Gala Line Up announced


After a week of non-stop cabaret experimentation and innovation, come see which pieces our industry experts have asked to come back for the SHORT+SWEET Cabaret Gala Showcase. Heard the buzz about a show but missed it in all the hype of the festival? This is your chance to dip back into the best of the best that SHORT+SWEET Cabaret has to offer. A little more sexy, a little more polished but just as SHORT+SWEET.

Short+Sweet Theatre Bengaluru 2014


People's Choice Award- Punchtantraa- Comedy Cocktail
Judge's Choice Award- Jugaad Co- Side Lower

Best Script- Amulya Shruthi- Jugaad Co- Side Lower
Best Original Concept- CreaShakthi- The Quest

Best Director- Anna Thomas- Side Lower
Best Ensemble- Punchtantraa

Best Actor- Ranjith Kakkayur- For the Same Reason
Runner Up- Murali Satagopan- The Quest

Best Actress- Kalyani Kumar- Side Lower
Runner Up- Anju Alva Naik- The Third Person

Spirit Of Short+ Sweet 2014- Nikhil Bharadwaj
Special Mention- Paroma Roy

Special Thanks to:
Ajith Hande, Nikhil Bharadwaj,Mark Lazaro, Piyush Agarwal, Paroma Roy, Kamal Pruthi, Anirudh Venkat, Mohan Ram, Chetan Rao, Akmal, Shiva, Ishaan.





The Line Up for 2014:



March 7- 7 pm- Opening night
March 9- 4 pm and 7 pm- 2 repeat shows

Less Than Three Productions- Come into the Garden - Abhishek Jain
Shoe-size Productions- Surprise- Naveen Richard
Pixie Dust Productions- The Language of Love- Ruchi Ravindran
Saarthak Productions- Shagaaf- Deevas Gupta
Sparks of Agni-The Trip- Deepak Hariharan
Theatre Y- Paapa- Yog Japee
Blaze Theatrez- Puppet Show- John Pradeep
Hi5! Entertainment- The Gentleman's Choice- Jayant VM
Kalayan Theatre Group- Tu nahi aur sahi- Mathura Kalauny
Natakist- Theatre In Red- Chetan Rao.



March 14, 15, 16- 7 pm


Jugaad Co- TBA- Jimmy Xavier
Minoritie Productions- 50 guns- Akanccha Karki
O Duck- Life is Beautiful- Deepak Joshi
Avirat Creations- The Debt- N Rishi
Saarthak Productions- This is War- Shaurya Singh
Puck N Co.- The Third Person- Judith Bidapa
Punchtantraa- Shorter n Sweeter- Ajay Samson, Ashank Bhandari
Paradigm Creations- Back to the Future- Anand Raghav
Museum Theatre- tba- Kamal Pruthi
Katharanga- Nandhini- Abhishek B Chakranavar


March 28,29,30- 7 pm

Crea- Shakti- Hands to yourself- Nayantara Nayar
Crea- Shakti- The Quest - Vaidhya M Sundar
Drama Troupe- ID- Kalieaswari Srinivasan
Jugaad Co.- Side Lower- Anna Thomas
Natakist- Break A Leg- Chetan Arvind Rao
Center Stage- The Crowded Heart- Sameer Roy
Puck n Co- The Speech- Aaron Punnen
Halli Productions- Smoked Up Night- Imran Ahmed
Barking Dog- TBA
ASAP Productions- An Honest Question- Amit Singh



March 15 2014- 4 pm

Samriddhi- Busted Dreams- Akhilesh Chetty 
The Muckety Mucks- Photocopy Love- Saurabh Prakash
Subu Productions- Death of an Actor- Subramaniam V
Nicholas Productions- Dance of Love- Nicholas D
Tea Arts- Scene 2- Manoj K Kalaivanan
Natak Company- Trial Room- Adithya Joshi
Plain Ice Productions- Last Drinks- Vijay Saravanan
Offshoot Productions- Becoming-Vivek Abraham
The Non-conforming Non conformists- Lost In Translation- Harikesh Subramanian
Shoonya- Mortality-Ashutosh Chakravarty



March 16 2014- 4 pm

Artery Productions- Murder By Midnight- Preeti Agarwal
Zipper Down - Untitled Rishi Nair Project- Suhit Kumar
Canadian International School- The Confession- Lawrence Espinosa
Kkhuaab- God only Knows- Kamakshi Kamath
Aamhi- Missed- Sandeep Paranjape
Keli Kanyarkali Sangam - The Only Reason- Ranjith Kakkayur
Being Production- Change- are we comfortable with it?- Nav Kishlay
Theatre 86- Nude Scene- Venu D
Open Ground Productions- Broken Silence- Rashmi Rajan
ArtTh- Dream India- Faria Fatima




March 29 2014- 4 pm

Motley Crew- The people Upstairs- Justin R Alexander
Art- Right-Is- Anon- Daniel Oxenwalla
Neer Dosa Productions- The Devil's Aftershave- Daspuram Shivakumar
Bored Stiff Productions- A temporary matter- Sohil Bhatia
Sparks of Agni- Shake well before use- Sunaina Mudaliar
Katharanga- Abyantha- Janardhan Chikanna
Shadowlights Entertainment- 100% Vaastu- Vivek Raju
The Drama Troupe- Eternally Yours- Meghna Mudaliar
Mangatha- The Better Actor - Karthick Sekar
Being Production- Foghaan- Dr Pooja Pandey Tripathi



Top 10 Wildcard finalists to compete.

Top 2 winners will qualify for Gala Finale.

Best actor, actress, director.


April 3- 7pm

April 4 - 7 pm

April 5th - 4 and 7pm- Results and awards show.



Hampers, cash prizes, press and great judges.

Come, Watch ,Vote!

Short+Sweet Theatre Delhi 2013

Short+Sweet Delhi

*SHORT+SWEET DELHI 2013* Welcome to the world of Short+Sweet Theatre Delhi 2013. A creative world created within 10 minutes on the stage!! *To read current news and see updates on the festival*, "click here":http://www.shortandsweetdelhi.com/ Held annually in New Delhi, the festival has already helped launch the careers of countless theatre professionals. Each year Short+Sweet Theatre presents the best ten minute plays from local and international writers in our festivals, utilizing the talents of the best young and established directors, actors and technical personnel to create some of the best theatre in the capital. *SHORT+SWEET* Short+Sweet Theatre starts with an annual call for submissions from playwrights and Independent Theatre Companies (ITCs). Each year we receive around 2000 scripts and submissions. Scripts are then evaluated by Short+Sweet Theatre’s assessors. A shortlist of the best works entered is prepared. The selected directors then select one play each to direct and actors audition for roles through our open auditions, held post summer. The Festival has a five stage process. It is kicked off with a Curtain Raiser that includes the best of the previous years' productions. Subsequently, workshops are held in the fields of script writing, direction and acting by masters in the field, with showcase productions on the final day. A few weeks later the scripts arrive from Short+Sweet headquarters, as well original submissions from India, which are then chosen by the selected directors. Subsequently, actor auditions are held. These activities finally lead to the Festival, that runs over two weekends at different venues. The first day of each weekend showcases the Top 20, which are plays directed by established directors. Followed by the Wild Card submissions by newcomers and the last day of week 2 is the Gala Final, with the announcement of awards. Each day has industry professionals as judges who select the top ten from roughly 50 plays, out of which awards are given out to the best play, the best script, the best actor and actress and the best director, at the Gala Final. Previous Festival Directors were Alex Broun (2010, 2011) and Deepak Dhamija (2012). Short+Sweet 2013 team comprises of the Executive Producer, Sohaila Kapur, the Director, Prashant Sehgal and team members, Neeraj Yadav & Jyotsna Sharma. For insights into Short+Sweet and the opportunities it creates, try viewing this educational "video.":http://youtu.be/oueX_-0pVfY


Any entries received will be considered for the following festivals:

Short+Sweet Brisbane 2014 - Short+Sweet Melbourne 2014 - Short+Sweet Delhi 2014 - Short+Sweet Chennai 2014 - Short+Sweet Mumbai 2014 - Short+Sweet Canberra 2014 - Short+Sweet Auckland 2014 - Short+Sweet Kuala Lumpur 2014 - Short+Sweet Bangalore 2014 - Short+Sweet Sydney 2015

including country/area codes
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Do NOT include readings or moved readings
The number of roles in your play that can be performed by either male or female actors
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Only pdf, doc and docx less than 5MB.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.


Any entries received will be considered for the following Short+Sweet festivals in 2015 (and 2016):

Melbourne + Chennai + Hanoi + Hollywood + Mumbai* + Hyderabad*

For the one entry fee of AU$20, your script will be considered for all of the above festivals. Some of the highest-rated entries from previous years were performed four or more times.

including country/area codes
Only pdf, doc and rtf less than 5MB.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: rtf pdf doc.

"Powered By Airtel", Hosted By "The Theatre Outreach Unit" University of Hyderabad

Airtel is our Publicity and Press sponsor for 2013!

We look forward to a long and creative partnership with them.

The Theatre Outreach Unit- University of Hyderabad- Our venue partner 2013!

The beautiful Golden Threshold, an outdoor amphitheatre is our venue for SS Hyderabad 2013.

We look forward to a greater degree of collaboration with our partners in the coming year.

Short + Sweet is a year long effort towards creating new platforms and discovering local talent.


Short+Sweet Theatre Hyderabad 2013

Short+Sweet Hyderabad

SHORT+SWEET HYDERABAD 2013 The first ever Short+Sweet Hyderabad theatre festival is taking place between 19th Dec 2013 and 22nd Dec 2013!

We will be showcasing 20+ brand new plays from all over the world, including local writers put together by the best up-and-coming and established directors and performed by veteran actors and fresh new talent.

Calling all writers to submit ten minute scripts for inclusion in the festival - last date October 15 2013.



Director registrations ,Actor registrations, ITC proposals – Independent Theatre Groups and Writers


 There will be events preceding the actual shows: open auditions for actors to help connect with Directors, workshops and information sessions for participating groups https://www.facebook.com/groups/480801315346525/ Join in now!!!!

Simon Coronel lands back in Aus after a gig in China! - Performing as part Company F for Short+Sweet Theatre

Simon Coronel does things that look impossible, but aren't. As an award winning illusionist and an experienced business consultant, he has a unique skill set capable of enhancing almost any occasion.

In between his international tours, he also provides keynote presentations, interactive workshops, and other services that can make your events and conferences more memorable and amazing.



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13 Jan 2024 to 3 Mar 2024
15 Feb 2024 to 5 May 2024

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