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10 May 2024 to 16 Jun 2024
1 Jun 2024 to 3 Aug 2024
6 Jun 2024 to 22 Jun 2024
Saturday, July 5, 2014 to Sunday, July 27, 2014
Édouard Michelin Auditorium
Alliance Française de Madras
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Short+Sweet Theatre Chennai 2014


S+S 2014 Weekly Dates:

  5th July 2014 – Wild Cards I - 2pm & 7pm

  6th July 2014 – Wild Cards II - 2pm & 7pm

 10th – 13th July 2014 – Top Ten Week One - 7pm

 17th – 20th July 2014 – Top Ten Week Two - 7pm

 23rd – 26th July 2014 – Top Ten Week Three - 7pm

 27th July 2014 – Gala Final - 2pm & 7pm


 Other Dates:

 5th & 6th April 2014 – Script Writing Workshop

 by Gnani Sankaran


 April 2014 – Crash Test Drama


 10th & 11th May 2014 – Voice &  Movement Workshop

 by V. Balakrishnan


 17th and 18th May 2014 – Acting & Stage Craft Workshop

 by Vinod Anand


 15th May 2014 – Last date for submitting scripts

 15th May 2014 – Last date to register as a director / ITC

 01st June 2014 – Last date to register as an actor


The event is ticketed at ₹200 per day and can be booked online at www.bookmyshow.com or  www.eventjini.com

For further details please call 044 – 66 8484 03 or (0) 9840 666 761.

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Wild cards I - 5th July 2014 - 2pm & 7pm

  1. 1. Mama's Straight Drive

        Directed by: Abhishek Karthick

        Written by: Rahul Sridhar

        Cast: Venkatakrishnan Kaushik (Rajath), Rahul Sridhar (Mani)

        Synopsis: A completely fictional piece on how the problems of match fixing in sports & homosexuality collide in a parallel yet ALMOST real universe called Chennai.

    2. Will

        Directed by: Sreejith Palliyil

        Written by: Amogh Jalihal

        Cast: Sreenath palliyil , Ranjith Kakkayur  

        Synopsis: A dialogue between an executioner and the criminal sentenced to death where motives are questioned, and the concept of free will blurs the line between the good and the bad, of justice and crime.

    3. An Oldman's Game

       Directed by: Yukendran kamaraj

       Written by: Sriram Gokul C

       Cast: Nikhil (Rick - ex wife's husband), Ajit Chitturi(An oldman), Depali Gupta (Young lady thief),Vidya Viswanath (Ex Wife of Oldman)

       Synopsis: An old man plays a psychological game over a young lady who had visited his home to actually rob a costly watch.

    4. Abhyantha

       Directed by: Katharanga Janardhan Chikkanna

       Written by: Mallikarjun Devarmane

       Cast: Mallikarjun Devaramane (Abhyantha) 

       Synopsis: Abhyanatha, a strange man leads a lonely life in his own world. But, there is one obession , one passion he lives by...silence! Silence leads a lonely life in his    life...the girl of his dreams! But his love for silence pushes him to do an unimaginable deed. Hear it all from the man, who never wanted to talk...Hear it from the man of   silence, Abhyantha...

    5. Deniable Plausibility

       Directed by: Anand Ravichandran

       Written by: Toast D'Bechamel

       Cast: Vigeneshwaran (Jake), Shweta Gupta (Sarah), Arun Athmalingam (Agent Park)

       Synopsis:  A woman working for a secret organisation must persuade a cyber-security analyst to join her agency... or die trying.

    6.The Ideal Image

       Written & Directed by: Sukanya Umesh

       Cast: Bhagirathy S (Woman), Ashwin Ravichandran (Chorus Member 1), Siddhanth Mohan(Chorus Member 2), Pranathi Ram (Chorus Member 3), Shreya Jalan(Chorus Member 4), Akshay Venkatraman (Chorus), Abhishek Thomas (Musician)

       Synopsis: The play is satrie on Indian society's obsession with fair skinned, straight haired women, It looks at society as a circus.

    7. Milton

       Directed by: Ranjith Kakkayur

       Written by: Robert Armstrong

       Cast: Sreejith Palliyil, Sreenath palliyil, Athulya Madhu, Sreejith Kunnath

       Synopsis: Can an association between man and monster ever really last?

    8. 1, 2, 3 - Ready, Set, Go

       Written & Directed by: Divya Mangwani

       Cast: Harshitha Krishnan (Oona), Archana Kariappa (Tina), Shweta Gupta (Trina)

       Synopsis: Journey of three very different women looking for lasting love through a marriage bureau


    9. Va Van Gogh

       Writen & Directed by: Bhargav Prasad

       Cast: Kiran Naig (Van Gogh), Nishanti Sudhakar (Van Go)

       Synopsis:  Tomatoes , Potatoes. Are they all the same?

Wild Cards II - 6th July 2014 - 2pm & 7pm

  1. 1. The door

       Written & Directed by: Jagadish Kanna

       ITC: Quid Pro Quo Productions

      Cast: Bhargav Ramakrishnan (Scientist), Bala Kumaran (Newsreader), Krish Hariharan (Police), Mallika Arjun (Thief), Mridula Chetlur (Pizza Delivery Girl), Nafeez(Interpol Officers), Abeneth(Interpol Officers), Shravan(Interpol Officers)

      Synopsis: A thief changes into a scientist on entering a magic door. How he utilises to steal more things from the city forms the crux of the story.

    2Yesterday to Tomorrow

        Written & Directed by: Shravan Sampath Kumar

        Cast: Nikhil Venkatesa (Abe), Sundeep Joseph (George), Archana Kariappa (Joan), Srikanth Pingali (Phil), Kanchi Thangadurai (Girl)

        Synopsis: As Abe suffers the loss of his wife, his 3 new - found friends from the old age home where he has settled help him move on in life.

    3 .Where are you, Appa?

        Written & Directed by: Prashanth Selvarasu

        Cast: Gautham Krishnan

        Synopsis: A boy talking about a dad that he never had.

    4. Haira Pochu

        Directed by: Shyam Sundar

        Written by: Karthikeyan Chandramohan

        Cast: Sasi Kumar (Barber), Naveen George Thomas (Chief Minister), Karthikeyan (Secretary)

        Synopsis: A close encounter becomes a close shave for a man of power.

    5. Ponnu kadhai

        Directed by: Vaishnavi. S

        Written by: Varsha Venugopal

        Cast: Ritu Philip (The girl), Abhishek Dutta (The boy)

        Synopsis: Love. Unsaid…

    6. Hello Kitty

       Directed by: Shevaun Da Costa

       Written by: Vibha Batra

       Cast: Krishna Arcot(Woman 1) , Shivani Gupta (Woman 2), Namita Krishnamurthy (Woman3), Stephanie Howie (Woman 4)

       Synopsis: Four gorgeous ladies-who-lunch. One scandalous memoir. All hell breaks loose when a socialite decides to wash her dirty linen in public. Her tell-all book wreaks havoc in the lives of fellow kitty members.

    7. Black Coffee

        Directed by: Karthik Anantharaman

        Written by: Deanna Ableser

        Cast: Kalesh Ramanand (Matt), Archana Menon (Alice)

        Synopsis: A man and a woman toy around with the idea of a simple kiss at a coffee shop.

    8. To B.E or not to B.E

        Written & Directed by: Shyam Renganathan

        Cast: Siddhanth Mohandas, Roshan mark

        Synopsis: A conversation between two stoners on the point of an Engineering education.

    9. Statue

        Directed by: Mejel

        Written by: John Pradeep

        Cast: Kalieaswari Srinivasan

        Synopsis: The Kannagi statue in Marina comes alive and talks its experiences as a statue and as Kannagi herself

Top Ten Week One - 10th to 13th July 2014 - 7pm

  1. 1. The Zombie Apocalypse

        Directed by: Sathish Shanmugam

        Written by: Michael Towers

        Cast: Rahul Sridhar (Scientist), Meenu Srinivasan (Assistant), Karthik Hariharan (Professor Isenberg), Prasanth Selvarasu (Jackson), Shivani Gupta (Jillian), Namitha Krishnamurthy (Tracey), Gautham Krishnan (Buisness man), Aditi Balan (Alien #1), Akshay Venkatraman (Alien #2)

        Synopsis: A comedy about a scientist who travels forward in time from 2004 to 2014, only to discover that humans in the future have become zombie-like slaves to their mobile devices.

    2. It's ok to ask

       Directed by: Lakshmi Ganapathy Murugesan

       Written by: Carol Dance

       Cast: Kasturi Goswami (A woman in a wheel Chair)

       Synopsis: A beautiful wheelchair-bound woman implores people not to be afraid of asking her what happened!

    3. Riashi Nair's Untitled Production

       Directed by: Anand Ram

       ITC: Zipper Down Productions 

       Written by: Suhit Kumar

       Cast: Suraj Raja (Rishi Nayar), Shyam Sundar (Tusar), Rohan Iyer(Vijay), Akshya Ravi (Aditi)

       Synopsis: Running a marathon must be easier than penning a Play . Is it ? Experience it !!

    4. Mr Politician

        Directed by: Nithya Ramachandran

        Written by: Shakthi Ramani

        Cast: Juhi Sharma (Naima), Sruti Hari (Radha)

        Synopsis: Two women. Different motives. One politician. A moment in history.

    5. Take Two

        Directed by: Charan Saravana

        Written by: Chris Shaw Swanson

        Cast: Smrithi Parameswar (Amy), Srikanth Pingali (Jeff)

        Synopsis: A couple discovers that reconciliation can be tricky- especially when a prenup is involved.

    6. The Thing

        Directed by: Ja.VenkataSubramanian

        ITC: Shraddha

        Written by: Sujatha Rangarajan & Anand Raghav

        Cast: Anand Ram (Husband), Archana (Wife), Hemanth (Beggar), Vinay Rao (Swamiji)

        Synopsis: The differences between the rich and poor, the believers and the nonbelievers, the right and wrong, disintegrate as planet Earth faces extinction".

    7Tech-no-logic Progress

        Directed by: Adarsh Satish

        ITC: Park-Street Theatre

        Written by: Deepak Hariharan

        Cast: Deepak Hariharan (Techie), Sunaina Mudaliar (Woman)

        Synopsis: The title says it all!

    8. Heavenly Baddie

       Written & Directed by: Vivek Rajagopal

       ITC: Chennai Drama House

       Cast: Vikram Mankal (Politician), Smrithi Parameswar (Evaluator), Karthik Bhatt (Man in queue)

       Synopsis: No sin will go unpunished. Unless…

    9.New years eve

      Directed by: Kasturi Goswami

      Written by: David MacGregor

      Cast: Lakshmi Ganapathy Murugesan(Mr.Hollins), Nithya Ramachandran (Ms.Laura)

      Synopsis: It's a New Year's Eve at the Parkview Retirement Home. The residents have gathered to bring in the New Year at noon, which leaves one of the residents less than pleased.

    10. A Typist with destiny

         Written & Directed by: Rajiv Rajaram

         Cast: Naveen Thomas, Bhargav Ramakrishnan, Venkatesh Harinathan, Karthikeyan

         Synopsis: Two bumbling clerks are in the process of gravely re-writing history. Or is it so?


Top Ten Week Two - 17th to 20th July 2014 - 7pm

  1. 1. Sahithya

        Directed by: Nikhil Sriram

        Written by: Naren Weiss

        Cast: Venkatesh Harinathan (Manickam), Pooja Balu

        Synopsis: Manickam, Marriage, Madras.

    2.  ID

         Written & Directed by: Kalieaswari Srinivasan

         ITC: The Drama Troupe

         Cast: Brihadish Kaushik  (Man in Power), Nelson Matthew (Common Man)

         Synopsis: A common man. A government official. A public space. A casual act of forgetting. An ordinary errand. A tiny bit of paper and a bit of drama. 

    3.  Oopsy

         Written & Directed by: Smrithi Amarendran

         ITC: Caricatture Productions

         Cast: Abishek George Joseph (Anjan), Namitha Vivek (Hazel), Candice Rozario (Asha), Preetham Mangal (Random Guy), Krishna Arcot (Waitress)

         Synopsis: If something bad happens, you drink to forget; if something good happens, you drink to celebrate and if nothing happens, you drink to make something happen. An alcohol induced triangle that meanders through failures and realizations.

    4.  Kichadi Life

        Written & Directed by: Nagarajan Lingam

        Cast: Prema Venkat (Woman 1), Shylaja Chetlur (Woman 2), Shalini Vijayakumar (Woman 3), Prathiveeraj (Man 1), Sunil Santanam(Man 2)

        Synopsis: A visit from a childhood friend rekindles the memories of past. They have moved apart due to the time lapse. A personal space connects them despite time. As she sets out to explore that space, TIME warps!!

    5. Saathur Santhipu

        Written & Directed by: Vinodhini Vaidynathan

        Cast: Guru Somasundaram (Chandru), Amjath Khan(Shankar), Sanjit Krishnamoorthy (Dead body), Suresh Kumar (TTE), S.Dinakaran (porter), L.Vinod (Man in the station)

        Synopsis: Shankar and Chandru travelling on a train encounter a strange co-passenger. Who is he and what is his business with them? Find out at Saathur Santhippu.

    6.  The Inner Fire

         Directed by: Amrithavarshini Venkatesh

         ITC: Crea-Shakthi

         Written by: Dushyanth Gunashekar

         Cast: Prasanna Venkatesh Rengarajan

         Synopsis: There is a story behind every cup of tea

    7.  Eternally Yours

         Directed by: Meghna Mudaliar

         ITC: a.g.n.i Theatre!

         Written by: Sunaina Mudaliar

         Cast: Deepak Hariharan (Prince), Sunaina Mudaliar (Lady)

         Synopsis: Tragic endings leave a lot unsaid.

    8.  The Man Who Was Music

         Directed by: Ajit Chitturi

         Written by: Aishwarya Jha-Mathur

         Cast: Rajeev (Adam), Krishna (Nathaniel), Prakash (Saliero and father), Deepali (Sara and mother)

         Synopsis: Adam is an accomplished world-renowned violinist. On the day of his performance, for the last time, he recounts his tale of the person who shaped his life and career.

    9.  Waiting for him

         Directed by: Janardhanan Raghavan 

         Written by: Balajee GE

         Cast: Sainath Saikrishnan (Man), Priyanka Sohoni (Woman), Krish Hariharan (God 1), Krithika Ganesan (God 2)

         Synopsis: A funny tale on the chauvinistic male dominant society. A girl and a boy are dead and are waiting to meet God.

    10. Death of Drona

         Directed by: Meera Sitaraman

         ITC: Theatre Nisha

        Written by: Janani Narasimhan

        Cast: Balakrishnan Venkataraman (Drona), Meenakshi Viswanathan (Sitarist)

        Synopsis: The play is a non-verbal piece, which depicts the anguish of Drona, the Kaurava General, on hearing that his only son, Ashwatthama, has been killed in battle by Bheema.

Top Ten Week Three - 23rd to 26th July 2014 - 7pm

  1. 1. Blabber Mouth

        Directed by: Vinod Anand

        ITC: Tiny Men             

        Written by: Cerise de Gelder

        Cast: Amit Singh (Gary), Uthara Krishnan (Lisa), Siddharth S.P(Patrick)

        Synopsis: Love. Lies. Lives. Lust. Deceit. Betrayal. Murder. Often… A word can be enough… Otherwise you could be labelled a BLABBER MOUTH.

    2.  Late for School

        Directed by: Vasudev Menon

        Written by: Iain Moss

        Cast: Vaishnavi Sundararajan (lynn)

        Synopsis: A young teacher is under intense interrogation for a horrible crime she had no idea she committed. She was only late for school.

    3.  Maya and Lakshmi 

         Directed by: Janani Narasimhan

         Written by: V. Balakrishnan

         Cast: Meera Sitaraman (Lakshmi), Shakti Ramani (Maya) , Nithya Ramakrishnan (Lamp)

         Synopsis: A maid and a maiden's conversation can turn tables around.

    4. How to Drink a Coffee

       Directed by: John Pradeep

       Written by: Balakumaran Murugesan

       Cast: Subiksha Raman (Girl), Bhargav Ramakrishnan (Narrator), Aswin Rao (Guy)

       Synopsis: A guide on deciphering the intricacies coffee moments and relationships.

    5. Carpouram

        Directed by: Mathivanan Rajendran

        ITC: Stray Factory              

        Written by: Mathivanan Rajendran and Pooja Devariya

        Cast: Krishna Ganapathy (Murugesan), Pooja Devariya (Sarawathy)

        Synopsis: Camphor Smell Donkey how know?

    6. Shofu Slaves

        Directed by: Shakthi Ramani

        Written by: Meera Sitaraman

        Cast: V.Balakrishnan (Man), Sruti Hari (Woman)

        Synopsis: Where does comfort lie in a war?

    7Dogs and Cats Living Together

        Directed by: Sushant Alexander

         Written by: Lynn-Steven Johanson

        Cast: Sundeep Joseph (Lucky, a male dog), Uthara Krishnan (Miss Kitty, a female cat)

        Synopsis: A dog and a cat's discordant personalities test their abilities to maintain detente.

    8. To write my epitaph

        Directed by: Vaishnavi Sundararajan

        Written by: Robert Armstrong

        Cast: Vasudev Menon (Edgar Allan)

        Synopsis: Edgar Allan - a writer, who speaks in verse. Uncanny, unabashed, unhappy and terse. Is he just a facsimile of Poe’s ingenuity?


         Directed by: Yannick Lawry

         Written by: Pete Mallicki

         Cast: Katie Leiss (Corrine)

         Synopsis: Corinne works for a large supermarket chain. You might think she hates her job, but she's done far worse. This supermarket is the top of the bottom. But she's nothing but a robot being phased out by other robots.