Scripts and ITC Submissions

By entering your script to Short+Sweet you are agreeing to the following:

NB: "Script" referred to here covers all classifications of submitted work; be it musical composition, choreographic dance piece, play script or otherwise devised piece submitted for the purpose of performance within Short+Sweet. 

  1. The running time of my script is 10 minutes or less. (Scripts clearly longer than 10 minutes will not be considered and any entry fees paid are forfeited.)
  2. As the writer/creator of the script I hereby give permission for the organisers to present the work at any of the Short+Sweet festivals it has been entered into. If I am not the writer/creator (or sole writer/creator) of the idea, story, script, theatre work or any material used in the creation of the theatre work it is my responsibility to gain permission from all other contributors to present the work at Short+Sweet - and to fulfil all conditions set by those writers, originators or contributors to present the work at Short+Sweet.
  3. Should my script be selected for Short+Sweet I understand I will receive no royalties for those performances but will be eligible for prizes and professional development opportunities.
  4. If my script is selected, I give Short+Sweet the right to film/record/photograph it for marketing and publicity purposes. This also includes archival, marketing or publicity purposes in an unpaid public forum such as YouTube.
  5. Once selected for production in Short+Sweet, I may not withdraw my script from production for any reason without the permission of Short+Sweet.
  6. Although Short+Sweet aims to honour the writer/creator's intentions in staging their script, I understand that in order to have my script produced at Short+Sweet my script may need to be altered by the actors and director producing my script, due to staging restrictions or the work running over 10 minutes. Short+Sweet Directors will be asked to consult with me on these changes.
  7. Scripts are assessed anonymously to ensure the highest standards of fairness and objectivity. In order for writers to remain anonymous to assessors they must NOT put their name anywhere on the script(s) they are submitting, including in the document's filename. 
  8. PDF and doc are the preferred file formats. Docx files are NOT permitted and will not be considered.
  9. Scripts which have been performed in the host city of any of our festivals are not eligible for production in that city. For example, if your play has been performed in Sydney and Sydney only, it cannot be performed in Short+Sweet Sydney but is still eligible for all of our other festivals.
  10. If Short+Sweet, for any reason, believes the above criteria has not been met then my play will be withdrawn from Short+Sweet and the entry fee forfeited.
  11. Additional venue-based terms and conditions may be required on acceptance of your script for production.

Privacy Statement
The personal information that you provided on your Short+Sweet entry and your script will only be used by Short+Sweet. Your personal information may be used to communicate with you about Short+Sweet and other Short+Sweet related activities. You can opt out of these communications at any time by responding to any emails received with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line or the body of an email.