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Script Assessment Process

Each year *Short+Sweet* begins with an international ten minute playwriting contest. We receive entries from all around the world.

At Short+Sweet we greatly value the contribution of writers to the Festival and throughout the Script Assessment Process we strive to treat all writers who enter and their scripts with the utmost care and respect. Receipt of all entries is *acknowledged* by the writer receiving an email receipt of their entry. Eligible scripts are then sent out to our Script Assessors, who are industry professionals (writers, teachers, directors, editors, publishers etc), where they will be assessed a minimum of four times.

The highest-rated scripts are then sent out to each festival for further assessment. We usually send twice the number of scripts than the festival produces. For example, if Short+Sweet Delhi produces 30 plays, they'll receive about 50-60. These will be assessed further and a shortlist is created. The shortlist is around 150% of the total number of the festival's plays, so if Delhi is producing 30, they will shortlist around 45 works. Note that these shortlists can include local entries and Independent Theatre Company submissions.

The best scripts we receive each year are shortlisted and produced in several festivals, sometimes as many as five or six.