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Script Submissions Closing Soon for Short+Sweet Illawarra


FINAL CALL: Script and ITC Submissions


Submissions close 11:59 pm Thursday 31st May 2018

Time is running out to be a part of the Illawarra's inaugural season of ten-minute plays as part of Short+Sweet: The world's biggest little play festival. If your play is shortlisted, it will be available to be selected by our directors for performance in October. 

Writers based in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions are strongly encouraged to apply, as we are hoping to have strong local content produced in combination with scripts submitted from around the world.

What is an ITC Submission?

An ITC (Independent Theatre Company) submission gives theatre makers an opportunity to submit their ten-minute script or creative vision and produce it under their own banner. ITC entries must pitch their 10-minute vision along with a director. You may also include actors in your pitch, although you may also cast your play from our open auditions.

While we strongly encourage existing Illawarra theatre companies to submit, you are welcome to assemble your own group of creatives for the purpose of your submission. 

What is the cost of submitting my script or ITC?

There is no cost to submit your ITC for Short+Sweet Illawarra.

If you would like to submit a script, there are two options:

Submit to Short+Sweet International
$20 fee per script applies. As long as you submit before 11:59 pm Thursday 31st May 2018 it will be considered for Short+Sweet Illawarra as well our theatre festivals in Auckland, Townsville, South Coast, Central Coast, KL, Penang, Los Angeles, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Canberra, Melbourne (TBC), Manila, Sydney (2019) + more as they are confirmed!

Direct Entry to Short+Sweet Illawarra
No Fee to submit a script for Direct Entry. This is targeted mostly to Illawarra playwrights, some who may want to submit more than one script for consideration. It is important to note if you submit your script this way, it will only be eligible for consideration for Illawarra 2018 and will not be eligible to be picked up at other Short+Sweet festivals. 

My play has been performed already, can I still submit it?

Short+Sweet has a policy of producing new and original works that normally cannot have been performed in the region of the festival (Illawarra). However we are waiving this exclusion for our inaugural festival, so this is your only chance to submit a play that has already been performed in the region for Short+Sweet Illawarra.

Can I submit more than one script?

Yes! You are welcome to submit multiple scripts to Short+Sweet Illawarra, you will just need to fill out your submission form for each submission. However, you may only have one of your scripts selected for performance for the Illawarra season.

What are the rules regarding the content of my play?

There are no restrictions or requirements on the content of your play, except for our number 1 rule - your play must run for no longer than ten minutes.

I'm Confused, I need answers!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Festival Director Luke Berman by email: luke.berman@shortandsweet.org