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Official Selection Announced for Heat 1 of Film Festival

Week 1 Selection (in no particular order)


1. "Turtle Soup" by Nicholas Halls from Sydney, Australia. 

Adelaide Bell, a downtrodden 7-year-old, must harness her inner strength to save a turtle from his fate as turtle soup. 

2. "Black Rat" by Perry Lam from Sydney, Australia.

BLACK RAT is a documentary about Sydney's own Real Life Superhero, The Black Rat, who prowls the streets of Newtown at night in his crusade against crime. The documentary reveals his motivations and his past trauma that drove him to not only improve himself but the community he lives in.

BLACK RAT was made as Perry Lam's student film as part of his film course in Macquarie University.

3. "Gymnast" by Glen MacKay from Sydney, Australia

A fashion film about the essence of an Olympic gymnast. 

An Olympic gymnast combines artistry and sport beyond any one else. She has strength, grace, balance, speed and courage.

4. "Easy Money" by Stephen Carnell from Sydney, Australia.

A magician and his girl boost a bag of money from a local gangster, then everything goes wrong when his girl double crosses him.

5. "Noir Town" by Andrew Chambers from Sydney, Australia.

The film has some cool actors for the puppets e.g The Umbilical Brothers, Bondi Hipsters, Zoe Carides. It's a fun, silly little film. A noir detective comedy set in Puppet Town. 

6. "Meshes of An Autumn Afternoon" by Melissa Brattoni from Sydney, Australia.

A woman is stalked by a mysterious hooded spectre. An Autumnal homage to and inspired by Meshes of the Afternoon by Maya Deren.

7. "The Hut" by Shane Millward from Sydney, Australia.

Three friends escape to a private cabin in the bush, far from civilisation, for what should have been the week of their lives.

8. "Ticket Like A Man" by Ryan Powers from Los Angeles, USA.

An insecure parking officer feels too guilty to successfully issue parking tickets. Starring Arden Myrin (SHAMELESS/MADTV/CHELSEA LATELY) and Ryan Power

9. "Take The Gun and Finish Off" by Eduardo Sabugal Torres from Mexico.

On the night of Independence Day celebrations Evaristo, a firework salesman stops at a gas station and accidentally becomes involved in an act of violence.

10. "Cradle" by Sara XaniR and Zanyar Lotfi from Iran.

Technically the little girl simply just wants to do her homework. But when grandpa’s snores keep her little sibling from sleeping and it cries, things get a bit more complicated. But she has a good idea.

11. "Thuralia" by Joeri Vlekken from Belgium.

Thur (age 5) King of Thuralia; conquers leukemia with the power of infinite imagination.

12. "Good Dog" by Tim Cant from Evermore Vale, Australia. 

A short story about a dog and its unconditional love for its owner.