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Full festival line up announced for Short+Sweet Dubai 2014

The full Festival line up for Short+Sweet Dubai at DUCTAC in the Mall of the Emirates from February 5th to 22nd, has been announced.

It's a fantastic programme featuring Dubai's top theatre companies as well as the city's best writers, actors and directors. The Festival also welcomes companies from all over the UAE - Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah - as well as visiting companies from Pakistan and even New York.

Over three action packed weeks Short+Sweet Dubai will present 62 plays by writers from all over the region and the globe - 10 from the USA, 5 from Australia, 4 from Abu Dhabi, 3 from Sharjah, 1 from Ras al-Khaimah, the UK, India and Pakistan and a stunning 36 by Dubai based writers.

Short+Sweet Dubai also includes work by Dubai's top local theatre groups, gathered together in one remarkable festival for the first time - Backstage, Dubai Drama Group, Third Half Theatre, Theatrics, American School of Dubai, Loom Ensemble and Theatrewallas Productions.

And for the first time the Festival will climax with the Red Carpet Gala Final – the biggest night of the year in Dubai theatre – where the stars of the local theatre scene will gather to perform the best ten plays of the Festival and present awards to Dubai’s top actors, directors, writers and Theatre Companies.

To book your tickets go to  http://www.timeouttickets.com or call DUCTAC on 04 341 4777

The full festival for Short+Sweet Dubai 2014 is below:


Festival Schedule

BOOKINGS: http://www.timeouttickets.com or call DUCTAC on 04 341 4777


Play                                   ITC (if any)                     Writer                     State/Country         Director

Top 30 Week 1 - Feb 5th, 6th and 7th at 8pm (11)                                                                                                                 

30 seconds of sight                                                   Jamil Artin               Dubai                        Jamil Artin

50 Guns                             American School of Dubai                                                               Gemma Taylor

Her Story                            Theatrics                        Samarth Meherish           Dubai                Siddarth Sivaprakash

Khol Do                               Theatrewallas Productions           Prakash Soni    Sharjah             Prakash Soni

Last Drinks                          Backstage                      Greg Gould                     Australia            Rashmi Kotriwala

Mustachemaker                  drawFILM                       Meedo Taha                    Dubai                 Meedo Taha

Romeo and Juliet                The Floozies                  Vikram Ahuja                 Dubai                   Salman Qureshi

somewhere between the sky and the sea                 Alex Broun                     Australia               Vikram Ahuja

Spidermen                                                                  Adam Szudrich              Australia               Marie Dullaghan

Stalemate                            House of Tigzirt             Assyl Yacine                   Abu Dhabi             Assyl Yacine

The Loop                              ASD Adult Theatre        Craig Delahoy        Australia         Ahne Crawford-Ridley


Wildcards 1 - Saturday February 8th at 3pm AND 8pm (10)

A Charming Affair                American School of Dubai          Robert Scott        USA                    Marcia Irving

Angelic Behaviour                Silver Lining Theatre                  Kathryn Pepper   Dubai                  Kathryn Pepper

Badke Bhaiya                       Third Half Theatre                      Nihal Parashar    Dubai                   Sanjeev Dixit

Djinn and Tonic                                                                        Iobel Andemicael   Dubai                Iobel Andemicael

Everything's Perfect                                                                 Poonam Ganglani   Dubai               Adnan Bashir

Farewell, Francis                                                                      George Mitton        Dubai                George Mitton

It's The Quiet Ones You Have To Watch Out For                 Chris Sims       India         Charlis Cunningham

Reedsong (3pm only)     Loom Ensemble    Sasha Bogdanowitsch and Michael Bauer  USA  Kate Hamilton

Sweet Sixteen                       Theatrics                                      Jimish Thakkar      Dubai               Jimish Thakkar

Within                                   Orb Drama Club (ODC)        Sabiha Majgaonkar       Dubai      Sabiha Majgaonkar


Top 30 Week 2 - Feb 12th, 13th and 14th at 8pm (10)                                                                                                          

Indignitas                                                                         Jonathan Skinner          UK              Anita A. Ahiadormey

On the couch                                                                          Hananah Zaheer            Dubai         Hananah Zaheer

Rumple Schumple                                                                  Megan Gogerty              USA            Kris Morton

Sam's Friend                                                                          Marie Dullaghan            Dubai           Rohit Prakash

Strangers in the Night     StageWrite Winner - ASD Adult Theatre       Iobel Andemicael  Dubai     Aida Laubach

Sure Thing                                   Backstage                         David Ives                      USA             Gautam Goenka

Taffe Tiffe                                                                               Chris McDermott           Dubai            Chris McDermott

Tagged                                          Dubai Drama Group        Russell Bell                     Dubai           Russell Bell

The Painter                                  The Theatre Company      Liz Hadaway                   Dubai            Liz Hadaway

Valentine's Day                                                               Kamlesh Acharya          Dubai            Kamlesh Acharya


Wildcards 2 - Saturday February 15th at 3pm AND 8pm (9)                                                                                             

Davo and the International Conspiracy of Giant Reptiles  Darren Menachemson  Australia      Chris DCotta

Dead Drunk                                                                        Brendan McCann          Dubai          Brendan McCann

Death by Fast Food            StageWrite Runner Up       Mohamed Lamrad         Abu Dhabi    Tasnim Hindeyeh

Driving me Crazy     RAKADS (Ras Al Khamimah Amateur Dramatic Society)      David Jay    RAK      David Jay

Looking for Mr Right                                                           Sandra Margolese         Dubai            Sandra Margolese

The great Fuscilli                          Chai & Fai                      Jaidev Sanketi                Dubai           Jaidev Sanketi

Alice and the Tightrope Walker    thejamjar Theatermaking Workshop  Raphael Sacks  Dubai   Neva Cockrell

The Man Who Was Music           Third Half Theatre        Aishwarya Jha Mathur  India      Sanjeev Dixit

The Meticulous Woman                                                Mina Kici                        Dubai                Mina Kici


Top 30 Week 3 - Feb 19th, 20th and 21st at 8pm (11)                                                                                                          

(un) Requited                                                            Mohamed  Lamrad        Abu Dhabi           Taraash  Mehrotra

Burning Fresh                   Loom Ensemble              Neva Cockrell                 New York            Raphael Sacks

DNA                                                                          Frank Dullaghan            Dubai                   Amit Kapur

Heart in the Ground                                                  Douglas Hill                    USA                 Michael Laibson

Here to serve you                                                    Barbara Lindsay            USA                      Gargi Basu

Noreen                             Theatrics                        Akshay Gehi                   Dubai                   Akshay Gehi

Pool Deck                                                               Enzo Messina                 Dubai                   Enzo Messina

Shut up, Kitty!           Theatrewallas Productions        Shailesh Kumar Upadhyay    Dubai     Shailesh Kumar Upadhyay

It's all been done before     Third Half Theatre           Sanjeev Dixit                  Dubai              Sanjeev Dixit

Trojan Bitches                    Resuscitation Theatre                                             Abu Dhabi     Maggie Hannan

Unveiled                             Backstage                        J.Thalia Cunningham    USA        Ankita Rao Manikantan


Wildcards 3 - Friday February 21st at 3pm ONLY (11)                                                                                                        

Closet Happy                                                                Nandita Ramanathan    Dubai             Nandita Ramanathan

Controlling interest          American School of Dubai          Wayne S. Rawley           USA           Phil Ridley

Death takes the train      NUST Dramatics Society Pakistan       Waleed Chaudry  Pakistan      Waleed Chaudry

Enclosed Spaces                          Short+Sweet Acting group         Cliff Single                     Dubai                             

Fancy This!                                                                       Hussain Badri                Dubai             Hussain Badri

Hot Vanilla Chocolate          Ancienne Majan Cinematographie     Emma Mubarak   Sharjah     Emma Mubarak

Inqalab Zindabaad                                                        Arif Bhaldar                   Dubai                 Arif Bhaldar

Mou Sati                                                                         Subhajit Rakshit            Dubai               Subhajit Rakshit

Right place, wrong time                                                  Frances McEwan           Dubai                Frances McEwan

Clown Camp                             Short+Sweet Acting group              Dan Borengasser     USA     

The Stranger                                                                 Caitriona McBride         Dubai                 Caitriona McBride


BOOKINGS: http://www.timeouttickets.com or call DUCTAC on 04 341 4777