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Wildcard Performance week availability Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2018

Hi S+S Directors,

Complete the form below to express your performance week availability and preferences.

Note the distinction: you are only unavailable where you absolutely cannot do those dates or you would have to withdraw from the festival. It being difficult does not mean it's impossible.

Your preferences are where you would opt to do one particular week over another if you had your way.

Scheduling in 160 plays is very challenging, so I ask for your complete honesty filling out this form. It's important that you explain why you are unavailable in the weeks you are unavailable too, so we know what we're working with.

We will do our best to give you your highest preferences but it will depend on who else wants what dates and what our programming needs are for each week.

Thank you! You guys rock

Complete this by: Tue 5 Dec, 11:59pm

We will take up to two weeks to provide the final schedule. There are lots of moving parts and this is an important task to get right. 

Please explain the reasons why you are absolutely unavailable during the indicated weeks. If you have no unavailable weeks, please just write "None" or "NA".