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Register for Short+Sweet Bollywood

ALL performances must be under 10 minutes. 
It can be any dance form but the only condition is that the song has to be from a Bollywood or Indian film/Indian music.
You will have to mention the name of the film when you submit your music CD. 
Dance troupes and companies can submit as many entries as they wish, though individual dancers are only permitted to perform in a maximum of 2 performances per programme. This means only 2 performances per night each programme.
The stage space available is angled with 7m x 7m downstage and 7m x 4m upstage, this would fit a group up to around 10 people. Please choreograph accordingly.
Dance troupes of all nationalities are invited to perform and join in the creative and colourful event that is Bollywood, dancing exclusively to the songs of Bollywood or Indian movies.

Season: 17-22 March 2015
Technical Rehearsals: Monday afternoon/evening
Performances: Tuesday-Saturday - 7.30 pm and Saturday 2.30 pm

Technical Rehearsals: Sunday morning 
Performance: Sunday 1pm

Sunday 22 March 2015 - 7.30 pm


Please advise whether your submission is for persons under or over 18 to partake in the festival. Children are welcome but will be included in the Fast+Fresh Bollywood season on Sunday only. Adults perform Tuesday-Saturday in one of two programmes.
including country/area codes
Please advise the number of performers to be included in your piece. If this is yet to be confirmed, please provide an estimate.
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