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Program Information Form for Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2018

Hi S+S Directors,

Fill out the details below so we can add your information to the weekly programme. This also allows us to obtain critical contact details for your cast, which our production team needs to have on hand.

Complete this form no later than 2 weeks before your first performance date. If you don't complete this form in time, we cannot guarantee your information will be included in the program.

If you need to update this information, please complete the form again and email the S+S team via lydia@shortandsweet.org so we know to update our records.

Thank you!

Maximum 40 words
Please do not use quotation marks or include anything other than the character's name.
List all other contributors who will be featured on stage, e.g. Paul Smith Composer, Sue Sampson Violinist
Feel free to share other information about your production but note that there is limited space on the programme and we may not include this info.