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Program Information 2017/18

We will be producing program booklets online for distribution before the festival opens. In order to make this work, we will need your program details quite early on.
This includes: play title, writer credit, director credit, company name (if applicable), artist list, and a short 2-sentence blurb (max 100 words).  This is your chance to word your film before they appear in the program and in other publicity materials.

Particularly for the blurb, consider how you want the work to be represented to audiences. Synopses in the script catalogue may have spoilers, but the blurbs should fit with your specific vision for the production.

Only if applicable, generally for ITCs and some cabaret acts.
Leave blank if not applicable.
Leave blank if not applicable.
Please use this field if you have any extra creative credits (ie. choreographer) to add, or if you wish to use an alternative credit to those above (ie. devised by). Please include full names. You may use this space for more than one credit.
Please list the full names of your performers. You do not need to include the parts that they are playing.
Please write a short blurb to represent your work. If you are directing a script, you do not need to use the synopsis from the script catalogue. Your blurb should not include any spoilers. It should fit with your specific vision for the production. Max. 50 words.