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Performance Week Preference - Short+Sweet Illawarra

Please complete this short form to give your preference for your performance week. Wherever possible, please be willing to perform in either week. This gives us the best chance to produce a balanced festival. 

2018 Performance Season - Top 20

4 - 7 October (10 Plays)
Harbour Theatre, Shellharbour - home of the Roo Theatre Company. 

18 - 21 October (10 Plays)
Bridge Street Theatre, Coniston - home of the Phoenix Theatre.

Technical Rehearsal / Plotting - Will take place either Monday or Tuesday evening of your performance week, depending if you are placed in Act 1 or Act 2

Dress Rehearsal / Preview - Will take place Wednesday night of your production week.



If you absolutely cannot perform in a specific week due to cast or writer/director unavailability please indicate which week you CANNOT perform.
Please provide specific details as to why your play cannot perform in the week indicated. If any of your cast are involved in clashing shows, please include names of affected actors.