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Director Registration | Short+Sweet Theatre Illawarra 2019

Registrations are now open for new and experienced directors to take the helm of one of our shortlisted local and international scripts at the very first Short+Sweet Illawarra.

As a director you would be responsible for selecting your play out of the shortlisted scripts, casting your play from the Short+Sweet auditions and guiding your actors through rehearsals and make sure they are ready to perform in Septemeber/October this year at the Illawarra ITeC Theatre or the Bridge Street Theatre Coniston (Phoenix Theatre). 

Successful directors will read through all of our shortlisted scripts and give their preferences for which play they would like to take on. Once they are allocated a play, they will be able to cast from the Short+Sweet auditions, rehearse their play and bring it to life on stage. Winning plays as selected by judges and audience will advance to the very first Short+Sweet Illawarra Gala Final Showcase. Plays will also be nominated to advance to Short+Sweet's flagship festival in Sydney 2020.

Please complete the registration form below to apply to be one of our Short+Sweet Illawarra Theatre Directors.

For more information please contact Short+Sweet Illawarra Executive Producer and Festival Director Luke Berman at luke.berman@shortandsweet.org


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