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Director Registration | Short+Sweet Hollywood Theatre 2024



Registrations are now open for new and experienced directors to take the helm of one of our shortlisted local and international scripts for Short+Sweet Hollywood Theatre 2024!

Directing for Short+Sweet is a fantastic opportunity for new directors to gain experience in producing short-form theatre. It is also a perfect opportunity for established directors to take a risk and try something new. 
As the director, you would be responsible for selecting your play out of the shortlisted scripts. You will cast your play from the Short+Sweet auditions and guide your actors through rehearsals and make sure they are ready to perform. While ensuring you are staying true to the artistic vision and intent of the writer, you will be trusted to bring a script to life with your unique vision and leadership.  

What's involved?

  • Apply to direct by completing the registration form, there is no fee to apply to direct for Short+Sweet Hollywood
  • If you are selected, you will read through all our shortlisted scripts from local and international entrants and nominate your script preferences
  • You will be allocated a script and will be introduced to your writer. 
  • Your first duty is to respect the intent of the writer while bringing your own experience, style, and vision to bring the script to life
  • Cast your actors from our open auditions
  • Secure a rehearsal space, and prepare your play for performance
  • You will decide your set, props, costume, and lighting/sound
  • You will be responsible for liaising with the Festival Director and provide rehearsal updates throughout the rehearsal period and attend production meetings

Directing for Short+Sweet Hollywood is more than just sitting in the director's chair, it is an opportunity to get a crash course in producing your own projects from the ground up, with the advantage of having the support of the Short+Sweet production team. 

Mentorship is available to assist new directors.

Ready to apply? Complete your Director Registration form here

For more information please contact Short+Sweet Hollywood Festival Director Ashley Karp at shortandsweethollywood2024@gmail.com