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Direct Script Submissions Short+Sweet Illawarra


Direct Script Submission

If you would like to submit your ten-minute script for Short+Sweet Illawarra direct, please complete the form below. Applying directly means you would like to have a short play you have written submitted for performance at Short+Sweet Illawarra 2018. Writers can submit more than one play for consideration, however may only have one play staged as part of our inaugural festival.

Please note that by submitting your script direct, it will not be considered for other Short+Sweet festivals. To submit your script for all of our festivals world-wide (including Illawarra) please click here - there is a small fee per script submitted. 

Direct entry scripts will be assessed and the highest rated scripts will be shortlisted, and made available for our Top 20 directors to choose to direct at Short+Sweet Illawarra 2018.

There is no fee to submit direct for Short+Sweet Illawarra, and we do not restrict the content of your ten-minute theatre vision. We simply require your play to run less than ten minutes.



For the full Terms and Conditions of submitting a script to Short+Sweet, please see below. Please read carefully before submitting! Any entry which does not comply with the Terms And Conditions will be deemed ineligible. 

Of particular note: NO NAMES anywhere on scripts.

For a rundown on how we assess our direct script entries, contact the Festival Director of Short+Sweet Illawarra on luke.berman@shortandsweet.org.

If you want to submit more than one script, please fill in this form, then complete it again for each submission you want to send.


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Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: rtf pdf doc docx.