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Complimentary Artist Tickets

Please read this info carefully before completing the form:


  • This form is for tickets to YOUR performance week ONLY. To purchase ticket for a week you are NOT participating in, please BUY TICKETS HERE.
  • Due to limited seating capacity, complimentary tickets will not be available for the Wildcard Finals or People's Choice Showcase.
  • Tickets are provided to artists on a first in basis and are required AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR to your first performance. If you are late in booking your comp then the allocation may be exhausted.
  • Comp tickets are non-interchangeable and may only be used by the artist entitled to them, only for the approved performance date.
  • Comp tickets MUST be collected no later than 15 minutes before the performance start time or they will be released for sale and we cannot guarantee that you will get them.
  • Please note the below allocations:

Actors are entitled to 1 comp - one for a guest.
Writers are entitled to 2 comps - one for themselves, one for a guest.
Directors are entitled to 2 comps - one for themselves, one for a guest.
Writer/Directors are entitled to 3 comps - one for themselves, two for guests.
Writer/Actors and Director/Actors are entitled to 2 comps - two for guests.

We have a very limited comp allocation with the venue Fri-Sun and will only offer comps in exceptional circumstances.