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Comp tickets for Artists

Complete this form to book complimentary tickets for Short+Sweet Sydney 2018.

Please read this info carefully before completing the form

Short+Sweet artists are entitled to comp tickets to their performance week. They cannot be interchanged with other weeks/weekends. They must also be booked for one show only.

ACTORS are entitled to 1 comp - one for a guest.
WRITERS are entitled to 2 comps - one for themselves, one for a guest.
DIRECTORS are entitled to 2 comps - one for themselves, one for a guest.
WRITER-DIRECTORS are entitled to 3 comps - one for themselves, two for guests.
WRITER-ACTORS and DIRECTOR-ACTORS are entitled to 2 comps - two for guests.

Please only select the number of tickets you're entitled to. You won't be given the additional tickets and our admin team may well curse you with black magic.

Top 80
Comp tickets are available on Thu only. You can request an exception if you live outside of Sydney; we might be able to fit you in on another day. We have a limited allocation with the venue Fri-Sun.

Comp tickets are available on Sat or Sun.

The deadline for booking comps is 7 DAYS BEFORE YOUR FIRST PERFORMANCE. After that time, our comp allocation closes and no more seats will be available.

Comp tickets are non-interchangeable and may only be used by the artist entitled to them.

You will receive a confirmation screen and email after completing this form, however, your complimentary ticket is not considered booked until you receive a confirmation email from Short+Sweet staff.

Comp tickets MUST be collected no later than 15 minutes before the performance is due to start or they will be released for sale and we cannot guarantee that you will get them.

Please use title case for your play and Capitalise The First Letter Of EVERY Word. Eg "In The End I Thought I Was Still Right."
Select up to the maximum number of tickets you're entitled to: Actors=1, Writers=2, Directors=2, Writer-Directors=3. (Actor-Directors and Actor-Writers are entitled to 2 tickets)
Please select your play's performance dates. Be careful to select "Wildcards" or "Top 80" appropriately or your comp ticket will NOT be booked.
Please include your preferred date in DD/M/YYYY format, eg 12/2/2014.