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Actor Audition Registrations | Short+Sweet Illawarra Theatre 2023


The Short+Sweet Illawarra Theatre Festival returns again in 2023, and we are looking for actors to take the stage! We have multiple directors looking for actors to fill roles in their plays!

It doesn't matter how old you are, what your cultural background is, your shape or size - with over 20 plays being performed, odds are there will be a role for you! Indeed, the vast majority of our roles are cast from our Short+Sweet Illawarra open auditions.

Short-form theatre is a wonderful way for established actors to perform in a fast-and-furious theatre form, without the heavy time burden of a drawn-out rehearsal process.  It is also the perfect way for new and emerging actors to tread the boards and gain further experience as a performer. No matter your experience or training, Short+Sweet Illawarra will allow for a wonderful opportunity to network with dozens of local theatre-makers from all over the region.

Auditions will take place at the Bridge Street Theatre Coniston (home of the Phoenix Theatre Company). Audition date: Sunday 18th June from 11am.



  • Register using the form below
  • You will receive a confirmation that your audition registration has been received.
  • Once auditions dates are confirmed, you be emailed your audition date/time
  • Learn a 2-minute monologue (of your own choice) that best shows your range and ability (avoid using accents in your audition, we want to hear your natural voice!)
  • Your slot is based on age/gender groupings. While our genders are separated into Male or Female, you are welcome to audition for both genders if you wish. You are also able to audition for more than one age bracket if you feel you are suitable.
  • You will perform your monologue to any of our directors who are looking for an actor in your age/gender range. You will also be asked general questions about your skills and background by the Festival Director.
  • Directors may then contact you directly to offer you a role, or a callback audition
  • From there, your director will run the rehearsal process and get you ready for performance!

Before registering as an Actor, please confirm that you will be available during key festival dates. If you are only available for one of the performance weeks, please be sure to advise any directors of this if you are approached for a role. 

Sunday 18th June 2023 at the Bridge Street Theatre Coniston.

Dates include Technical Rehearsals and our Dress Rehearsal and performance dates.

Week 1 | 7 - 12th August
Week 2 | 14 - 19 August
GALA FINALS | 22 - 26 August


FAQ: I don't have a CV, how can I submit the registration form?

We use CV's so that after watching a series of auditions, directors can have access to your theatre experience to help them decide whether to make contact with you.  If you don't have a CV, this might be a great time to make one! To get you started, download our basic  ACTOR CV TEMPLATE  (or google your own, there's plenty out there much nicer than this one!)

 This is a good idea even if you have no experience, it doesn't matter if it looks a little blank, you can still put helpful information on it including your skills, personal descriptions and interests.

If you do not want to attach a CV, that is ok, just put a little extra effort into your BIOGRAPHY so our directors can know a little more about you. This is helpful if some of our directors are not able to attend the auditions.

FAQ: Can I be involved in more than one play in Short+Sweet Illawarra?

Yes! All participants can be involved in up to two plays. The only restriction is writers may only write one play and directors may only direct one play also. So you can act in 2 plays, or act/direct, act/write or write/direct. If you take on two roles in the same play we will only count this as one play (other than the one-play-one-writer/director rule). 

Do I need to register or can I just come to the audition day?

We will have an allocated time slot for open or walk-up auditions, however, registering for an audition is the best way of being cast. If a director has already seen suitable actors for their play during the age/gender slots, they may not need to attend the open auditions, so you will have less changes of being selected by our directors.

However, it is highly recommended to pre-register using the form below. 

What if I don't get cast in a play?

If you are not picked up by a director, we may be able to allocate you to a self-devised play where you and your fellow actors will have the chance to create your own play and perform it as part of Short+Sweet Illawarra. You will also be invited to join our Casting Board on Facebook, so you will be the first to know if any roles become available during the rehearsal process (it is common for actors to withdraw for personal reasons or double-bookings.

You might also be interested in directing a play of your own, as long as we have room in our performance season. If you're interested in this, please complete the director registration form or contact Luke.

Questions? Contact Festival Director Luke Berman by email: luke.berman@shortandsweet.org