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13 Feb 2020 to 26 Apr 2020
3 Jun 2020 to 6 Jun 2020
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 to Saturday, April 28, 2018
Courtyard Studio, Canberra Theatre Centre
Civic Square
Canberra ACT 2600
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Short+Sweet Theatre Canberra 2018

Short+Sweet has been running in Canberra since 2009, and this has grown to become a major event for the city’s artistic community. Each year over 100 people contribute to the festival over two weeks at the Canberra Theatre Centre, making this the largest annual collaboration of performing artists in the national capital.

As an open access festival, Short+Sweet Canberra brings together a broad range of artists. Professional performing artists work alongside talented enthusiasts, and artists with more experience and expertise in other artforms. And most importantly, it brings new audiences into the theatre as friends and family members of participants attend performances and recognise their own potential to participate.

Short+Sweet Canberra is at once local and eclectic. Plays are submitted from all over the world, and the festival director shortlists approximately half of the festival’s content from local writers, and half from interstate and overseas. Most actors and directors who participate come from Canberra, many travel from the capital region, and the festival has also welcomed actors and directors from Sydney and Melbourne.

Short+Sweet Canberra enjoys the support of Canberra Theatre Centre and Ainslie Gorman Arts Centres, without which, we couldn't stage this great festival each year.

The Short+Sweet family is committed to building a more creative world, 10 minutes at a time. The platform provides an accessible and enjoyable theatrical experience to individuals from all walks of life, and gives them the opportunity to connect with creatives from all over the world.


2018 Performance Dates

Top 20 Week 1: 17-20 April, 7:30pm daily

Wildcards: 21 April, 2:30pm and 7:30pm

Top 20 Week 2: 24-27 April, 7:30pm daily

Gala Final: 28 April, 2:30pm and 7:30pm



The competition has been tough at Short+Sweet's week 1... but we have results! 

People's Choice
1st place: The Hold Up
2nd place: A Letter to Harold
3rd place TIE: Drink Water, Act Your Age & One Night Stan

Judges' Choice
1st place: The Hold Up
2nd place: The Last Cuppa
3rd place:... read more

This festival doesn't have any active submission

Director/Actors/Companies - how to get involved!



    Super experienced, or keen to try the director role? Everyone is welcome. 

    What you do: By Thursday 26 March, submit an expression of interest to direct one (or two) plays for this year’s Canberra Festival (9-15 August). Email Lynn and Amy (petersen.crawford@shortandsweet.org) with the following details:  

    • name 

    • contact phone number 

    • brief outline of directing experience and theatre interests, including if have you directed for Short and Sweet before 

    • any other information that would be helpful for decision making?  

    What we’ll do: On receiving the EOIs we’ll get in contact with you to have a chat to get to know you a little better. We’ll discuss what you hope to achieve as a director in this year’s festival.  We’ll also talk about the festival logistics such as: mentor support, script selection, audition processes, rehearsals and staging. 


    Independent Theatre Company (ITC)

    Are you already an ITC keen to present your new work to Canberra? Or are you a writer/director who would like to stage your new work? 

    What you’ll do: By Thursday 26 March, submit an expression of interest to produce a 10 minute play for this year’s Canberra Festival (9-14 August).  

    Email Lynn and Amy (petersen.crawford@shortandsweet.org) with the following information:  

    • name of writer 

    • title of play 

    • concept and theme of play 

    • has this script been performed before? If so, where? Note that scripts that have previously been performed in Canberra are not eligible for the Festival. 

    • name of director  

    • (brief) experience of director and writer 

    • actors (if known – note that you are more than welcome to cast your play from people who audition for the festival) 

    • contact numbers for writer and director 

    • any other information that would be helpful for decision making?  

    • Attach a copy of the full script with your EOI 

    What we’ll do: On receiving the EOIs and scripts we’ll get in contact with you to have a chat to get to know you a little better. We’ll discuss what you hope to achieve in this year’s festival.  We’ll also talk about the festival logistics such as: mentor support, audition processes, rehearsals and staging. 



    Seeking an opportunity to try new material but without the intensity of a full length play? Keen to meet directors and other actors in your community?

     What you do: Attend the audition on Sunday 3 May or submit details online and ensure you are available to perform 9 – 15 August 2020. 


    For the audition: 

    • Sign up for your preferred timeslot at eventbrite of Sunday 3 May (11am-12.30pm or 1.30pm-3pm Courtyard Theatre). 

    • Prepare a two minute monologue (there are no set monologues, but if you’re stuck we’ll send you a list of suggestions)  

    • Turn-up and the audition will also include four impro-based exercises so that directors can see how you interact with other actors and potentially a range of different characters/voice/movement that you can bring to the stage.  

    OR by 1 May 5:00pm  (please note, you do not need to submit your details if you are attending the audition in person) 

    Submit your recorded monologue and details via the dropbox link using your name in the file name.

    • Upload a video of your two minute monologue via the dropbox link.  

    • Upload your detail: 

    • name, email, phone number 

    • age bracket of characters that you can portray,  

    • brief summary of experience/training,  

    • Any limitations on availability or location for rehearsal  

    • other details that may assist planning (eg any accessibility considerations for venues).  

    What we’ll do: facilitate the audition process (directors select their cast members); upload the information into a central place for directors only; delete all information once the festival is completed.  



    We are always appreciative of extra hands and different perspectives to help us bring this festival to life! It’s Canberra’s festival and we welcome your views and help!  

    If you are interested in contributing to publicity and marketing, front of house, or backstage aspects of the Festival please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email. 

    If you need any assistance with your submissions please do not hesitate to contact us via email petersen.crawford@shortandsweet.org 



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Calling all writers!

  1. Script Writer 

    Got something in the vault? Let it be seen! 

    What you do: By Thursday 12 March submit your 10 minutes script at   https://shortandsweet.org/form/script-entries-shortsweet-theatre-2020-21 (please make sure that your name is not on the script!). Entries close Thursday 12 March @ 5pm.  If you would like to join the mailing list for Short+Sweet writers, please email alexbrouninla@gmail.com with "Writer subscribe" in the subject line.

    What we’ll do: The scripts are shortlisted from all over the world (and Canberra!) by the festival literary co-ordinator. Fifty scripts will be selected and sent to the Canberra festival directors for our directors to select from.