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16 May 2021 to 22 Aug 2021
2 Sep 2021 to 12 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 to 2 Oct 2021
Wednesday, September 16, 2015 to Saturday, September 19, 2015
Kuala Lumpur
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Short+Sweet Choral + Classic Kuala Lumpur


will be held on

16th September – 19th September  (Wednesday to Saturday)

Time: 8.30pm 

Venue: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)        

Maximum duration of each performance is 5 minutes.

S+S Classic

Double Concerto

1st Movement for 2 violins (Bach)

Kylie Tan & Kyvie Tan


Never Had a Dram Come True

by S Club 7

Esther Mah


Vivaldi Piccolo Concerto

RV 443 2nd Movement: Largo

Brian Choong


Kibo (Hope)

Melody Tan


Chrysanthemum Terrace 


Tan Yun Shin


Opus 6174

Vale V wong


S+S Choral

As If We Never Said Goodby

Jan Yuen
Singin' A Cappella

The 4 of Us

Vale V Wong

Bantu Reeti Kolu

Shree Sabtha Swara Arts

Naturally Vocal


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