This form is specifically for entries to be considered for the Short+Sweet Hollywood LGBT Live program in 2019:

Deadline June 30.

For our LGBTQ Live week, we are accepting all forms of theatrical works under 10 minutes. It can be a play, musical, spoken word, stand up, drag, cabaret - you are only limited by your imagination, the ten minute time limit and your ability to set and strike your piece in one minute! Your entry fee of AU$20, for your submission is only for the above festival. 

including country/area codes
Confirm that your name and/or contact details are not present anywhere on your script. If you submit with your name and/or contact details, your submission will be disqualified and you will not receive a refund.
Short+Sweet accepts scripts in several languages. Please note that scripts and outlines for alternative works written in languages other than English may be eligible for only one festival. If your script or proposal is written in a language other than those listed above, it is either not eligible for Short+Sweet festivals at this time or must be submitted directly to the festival staff of the relevant S+S festival.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: rtf pdf doc docx.


Illawarra's first inaugural Short+Sweet Illawarra Film Festival kicks off with a bang, with over thirty films being showcased by filmmakers from Wollongong, Australia and from around the world.

Our Top-20 (finals) kicks off on Friday 13th September and will have a second screening on Saturday 14th September, both screenings take place 8:30 pm at the GALA TWIN CINEMAS in Warrawong.

And finishing off our festival is an incredibly strong selection of films to make up our WILDCARDS FINAL on Sunday 15th September - one night only - at 8:30 pm.

Ten Illawarra films have made the cut and will be screened alongside 5 other Aussie films and 15 films from around the world, including the USA, UK, France, Egypt, Indonesia, Ukraine, Sweden, Georgia, Spain and even Azerbaijan!

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of our full program!


TOP 20
13 - 14 September
(8:30 pm sessions)
204 Cowper Street
Warrawong NSW Australia
Facebook Event:

15 September at 8:30pm (one session only)
204 Cowper Street
Warrawong NSW Australia
Facebook Event:

Register for Short+Sweet Comedy Illawarra 2019

Thank you for your interest in being part of our inaugural Short+Sweet Illawarra Cabaret+Standup Comedy Showcase!

Please take a moment to complete the information on this form, this will help us promote your involvement in the showcase and ensure we have your correct details.

Performance Details:

7:30pm Friday 20th September 2019
at Illawarra ITeC
Cnr Miller St & Fox Ave Coniston

including country/area codes
Two comedians from our showcase will be invited to host one of our performance weeks of Short+Sweet Theatre. Performance dates: Week 1: 27 - 29 September Week 2: 11 - 13 October Performances will be 7:30pm on the Friday/Saturday and 5:30pm Sunday (followed by the presentation of winners) at the Bridge Street Theatre Coniston
Please write this in the 3rd person.
Example: Stand-Up, Improv', Sketch, Poetry, Musical, Parody, 2 Person or Group Act
Please upload a picture that features mostly your face. This picture will be used along with your BIO to promote your involvement in Short+Sweet Illawarra.
Files must be less than 30 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp tif.
We will have a microphone on a stand, and you will have a choice of normal spotlight or a follow-spot. If you need anything more in regards to lights, sound or if you are bringing and set items or special props please let us know here or email Luke as soon as you know.

Short+Sweet Comedy Illawarra 2019

Short+Sweet Comedy Illawarra 2019

Following on from a successful debut in 2017 in the Middle East and Dubai, Short+Sweet Comedy now comes to the Illawarra! 

If you have a comedy act of any sort we would love to hear from you, styles accepted include Stand-Up, Improv', Sketch, Poetry, Musical, Parody, 2 Person or Group Act - but it must be comedy.

Registrations Opening Soon

All content must be original.
Each entry must be no longer than ten minutes.


Festival Director:
Luke Berman |

Short+Sweet Cabaret Illawarra 2019

Short+Sweet Illawarra is proud to introduce CABARET into its 2019 season, performing alongside our Theatre, Youth, Film and Comedy strands. 

Short+Sweet Cabaret is a festival of 10 minute cabaret pieces. We provide a professional platform for artists to create and present new works while providing the audience with an intimate entertainment experience.

By merging theatre and music,  we create an atmosphere of inspiration and exploration. Stories, characters and songs are tested, risks are taken, and the audience participates in original and exciting projects.

We encourage all forms of cabaret - song, burlesque, magic, comedy, political - you name it!  But remember at Short+ Sweet you only have 10 minutes!

Submissions and expressions of interest will be opening soon!


ITC Registration for Short+Sweet Theatre Illawarra 2019

Thank you for your interest in submitting an independent production for Short+Sweet Theatre Illawarra 2019!

What is the name of your Play?
Please provide a brief synopsis of your play. About one paragraph is ideal.
You may upload a script or artistic vision pitch
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf docx.
please provide your mobile number
Upload Director CV.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: txt rtf pdf doc docx.
Please list your actors' names and email addresses. You do not need to have actors at the time of application - you may cast from our auditions if you require.
Tell us where you have performed this play in the past. Please include year / venue / festival name and any other info. Only plays that have performed in Short+Sweet Illawarra 2018 or plays that have been professionally staged in the Illawarra region are ineligible to be submitted.

Director Registration | Short+Sweet Theatre Illawarra 2019

Registrations are now open for new and experienced directors to take the helm of one of our shortlisted local and international scripts at the very first Short+Sweet Illawarra.

please provide your mobile number
We need to know this to ensure compliance with the Working With Vulnerable People (background checking) Act 2011.
If you are uploading a CV, please only give a brief overview of your experience. If you do not have a CV please provide more information here - list recent shows, when it was staged and which theatre company produced the show.
While this field is not required, uploading a CV will be held in high regard.
Files must be less than 4 MB.
Allowed file types: txt rtf pdf doc docx.
Please select any skill areas you've had any experience with.

Direct Script Submissions Short+Sweet Theatre Illawarra 2019


Direct Script Submission

If you would like to submit your ten-minute script for Short+Sweet Illawarra direct, please complete the form below. Applying directly means you would like to have a short play you have written submitted for performance at Short+Sweet Illawarra 2019. Writers can submit more than one play for consideration, however, may only have one play staged as part of our festival.

including country/area codes
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: rtf pdf doc docx.


In the place where the mountains meet the sea, Short+Sweet Illawarra returns for its second annual season of ten-minute plays.  The Illawarra is an untapped theatre heartland, boasting hundreds of actors, writers and directors. The Illawarra supports a vibrant community theatre scene second to none in regional Australia.

This year, we will also be expanding our Illawarra festival to include Comedy, Cabaret, and Film.

With a focus on regional artist development, Short+Sweet will look at providing a pathway for regional emerging artists to have their work seen by the wider theatre community, as well as contribute to the region’s diversity in its performing arts community.

27 - 29 September | SHORT+SWEET THEATRE WEEK 1 | Buy Tickets
11 - 13 October | SHORT+SWEET THEATRE WEEK 2 | Buy Tickets
at the Bridge Street Theatre Coniston
Performances: 7:30pm Friday+Saturday, 5:30pm Sunday

Independent Theatre Company (ITC) Submissions

Director Registrations

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