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Shortlist Announced!

The shortlist for the 2019 festival is now out!

These plays have been submitted via the Short+Sweet website and assessed blind (without their writers' names attached) by three anonymous volunteer readers. These readers' scores for each script have been aggregated, and a longlist of almost 90 plays was provided to the local festival director. The festival director then ranked the longlist, and his top 40 forms the shortlist. Only once the shortlist was created were the titles reunited with their writers' names.

All plays in the shortlist are eligible for inclusion in the 2019 festival but must be selected to proceed. The shortlist includes 9 plays by writers based in Canberra and the Capital Region. The shortlist is published in alphabetical order by title. 

Short+Sweet Theatre Canberra 2019 Shortlist
The Audition by Steven Otfinoski
The Bridge by Bart Meehan
By The Way by Andrea Clardy
The Circus Train Wreck by Andrea Clardy
Context by John C. Davenport
Cowboys and Indians by James Sheldon
Death of a Snowman by Daniel Guyton
Dreamland by Gary Luck
The Dinner Party by Morag Rasmussen
The Doorway Test by Ben Cornfoot
The Eulogy by Kel Vance
15 Seconds by Ken Levine
Home News by Tom Jensen
Huddled Masses by Margo Buchanan
The Incipient by Lauren Jane Hendry
I Remember You by Johnny Sumelj
The Last Boarding Pass by Harriet Elvin
Letting Billy by Diana Amsterdam
Linger by Liz Schneidewin
Mating by Edith Weiss
Memory Card by Connie Schindewolf
Once Upon a Time by Joe Bergin
Romeo and Rosaline by Matthew Wells
Rosaline and Romeo by Andrea Clardy
Shallow Grave by Cherry Zheng
The Snow Angel of Antarctica by Victoria Connerty
Superposition by Clifford Keen
Surprise by Mark Harvey Levine
Teacher of the Year by Stephen Stewart
Thanks, Dude by Ken Levine
The Theatrical Dead by Bart Meehan
Timesavers by Barry Wood
To Jump From a Burning Building by Pete Malicki
An Unfamiliar Waltz by Trace Crawford
The Vagabond Players by Mike Giles
Veni, Vidi, Venefica by Daniel Brown
Virgin by William Orem
What's a Little Axe Between Friends by Joe Starzyk
A Womb With a View by Rich Orloff
Young Lady in a Boat by Lindsey Brown

What happens next?
Directors now have access to these scripts, and between now and the auditions, they will provide their preferences to the festival director, who hopes to fill the top 20 program before the auditions on 9 & 10 February.