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Register as an actor for Short+Sweet Canberra 2019

Thank you for your interest in registering as an actor for Short+Sweet Theatre Canberra 2019!

Short+Sweet is the biggest little festival in the world, and in Canberra over 100 performing artists get involved every year. Short+Sweet is an inclusive festival, welcoming people of all ages, races, genders and abilities.

We don’t have conventional auditions, though. We audition groups of up to 35 at a time, and auditions last just under one hour. During this time, there will be a warm up, some improvisation, and an opportunity for all our directors to ask something specific of individuals or small groups.

There will be two audition groups on each of the two days, and we need to fill them as evenly as possible, so we need you to indicate your availability on the form.

Before registering, please check the key festival dates and make sure you’ll be available for at least one of our programs and the Gala Final.

Auditions are very helpful, but they’re not compulsory. If you are not available to audition on 10 February, you can still submit this form and be considered for roles, but you’re far more likely to be cast if you are at the auditions. If you don’t come to auditions, you can increase your chances of being cast by sending a curriculum vitae and/or a link to your showreel.

Please provide your details on the form on the next page, email it to the address below, and the festival director will get back to you as soon as possible.

please provide your mobile number
We only need to know this to keep people under 18 safe while participating in Short+Sweet.
We don't need to know your numerical age; just which age ranges you are suitable or comfortable performing.
Note: we don't need to know your gender. We like boys, we like girls, and we really like anyone who doesn't fit that old binary. We really don't care what gender you are: please tick the box or boxes that correspond to the gender or genders you're willing to play on stage. Simples.
Please indicate all audition slots you are available for. You will be advised by email which slot you've been booked into.
This field is not compulsory: you may either add a description of your acting experience and interests, or upload your curriculum vitae below.
You may either upload your curriculum vitae, or add a description of your acting experience above.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt rtf pdf doc docx.
It is not essential that you have a showreel, but it can be particularly helpful, especially if you can't make it to the auditions.