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13 Sep 2018 to 21 Oct 2018
2 Oct 2018 to 21 Oct 2018
5 Oct 2018 to 6 Oct 2018
Thursday, September 13, 2018 to Sunday, October 21, 2018
The Marilyn Monroe Theatre
7936 Santa Monica Blvd
at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute
West Hollywood, CA 90046
United States
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Short+Sweet Theatre Hollywood 2018

Official Selection for Short & Sweet Hollywood 2018 

The Marilyn Monroe Theatre (West Hollywood, CA)

September 13th-October 21st 2018  


PROGRAM C  (Sept 15th-16th & Sept 22nd-23rd - Sat 5pm, Sun 4pm)

Manband. Written and Directed by Narmar Hanna. Cast. Narmar Hanna &Tatum Shank.Log Line. In today's modern society, should men also wear engagement rings?

Carl Flunt Would Protect You from Trucks. Written by Scott Mullen. Directed by Emily Claeys. Cast: Carrie Poyer, Jenn O’Brien, Mary Carrig, Kerry Sullivan. Log Line. A young woman is visited by herself from the future, who has come back to warn her about a laundry list of regrettable decisions. 

Only Two Remained.  Written and directed by Maxwell Morro.  Cast. Edwin Modlin & Sarah Martellaro. Log Line. Two partners discuss about philosophical aspects.

Future Wives.  Written by Katherine King. Directed by Stephen Juhl. Cast.Katherine King & Ayla Barreau. Log Line. A bright future awaits society as both women and men finally settle into new gender roles that are not only a perfect fit...they even solve global warming!

Cherry.  Written by Sophie Galibert and Arthur Cohen. Directed by Sophie Galibert. Produced by Arthur Cohen. Cast. Chandler Ryan & Melanie Imani. Log Line. When Cherry seeks the support of her best friend Anna at dinner little does she know the meal is going to shatter the backbone of their lifelong friendship.

Got You. Written by Kel Vance. Directed by David McKay. Cast. TBD. Log Line. After receiving bad news a woman turns to her best mate to find a way to defraud an insurance company hoping to obtain the money needed for a life and death situation.

Enough.  Written by Jennifer Brown and Camille Blanco. Directed by Rossana Zubrzycki. Cast. Camille Blanco. Log Line. Every time tragedies happen, there are always intense emotions and calls for action, but when it dies down, no real action is taken to prevent this nightmare from happening over and over again. A teenager performer, Camille Blanco, will share the story of Valerie Leftman whose boyfriend was a school shooter.


PROGRAM D (Sept 20th-23rd -Thurs&Friday&Sat 7pm, Sunday 6pm)

Stick and Move.  Written by Greg Lam. Directed by John Fingal O’Donnell. Cast. Wayne Nickel. Log Line. When you're out on a first date, it's always good to have someone in your corner.

Survival Strategy.  Written by Donna Hoke. Directed by Brian Patrick Williams. Cast. Dennis Pearson & Abbie Krentz. Log line. Officemates Jerry and Jenny make a deal to get from each other at work what they can't get at home.

Thanks Dude. Written by Ken Levine. Directed by Angie Gega. Cast. Austin Carr & Robert Olsen Log Line. A friendship is tested when one friend sleeps with his best friend’s ex-girlfriend.

Moral Luck & Ralph & Dent. Written by Don O. Knowlton. Directed by Fred Dekker. Cast. Don O. Knowlton & Ryan Rowe. Log Line. When two middle-aged white guys realize no one is listening any more, what are they to do?

15 Seconds. Written by Ken Levine. Directed by Kristina Pesic. Cast. Victoria Van Winkle & Colby Lemaster. Log Line. 15 seconds encounter between a young man and woman.

Courtyard Drama.  Written and Directed by Jason Levinson. Written and Directed by Jason Levinson. Produced by Brian Sabowski. Assistant Director. Danny Gomez. Cast. Reggie Watkins, Tiffany Commons, Kirk Enochs, Scarlet Van Loon, Brendan Clifford. Log Line. Life-long best friends who love treating each other like crap are forced to confront their biggest fear. Reality.


PROGRAM E (Sept 20th-23rd - Thurs&Friday&Sat 8:30pm, Sunday 7:30pm)

Have you ever done this before. Written by Masha Voylokok.  Directed by Bronwyn L. Watson. Cast. Lee Margaret Hanson, Julia Finch, Pedro Shanan. Log line. Two women meet in a seedy hotel room for a romantic tryst but are rudely interrumpted. A short play about women, men, sex workers, and the entertainment industry. In the era of #MeToo we have to ask ourselves. "Have you ever done this before?". We have to ask it over and over again.

Mom’s The Word.  Written by John & Kay Longhurst. Directed by Kathleen Rubin. Cast. Katherine King & Justin Baltz. Log line. The laughs keep coming when a couple find themselves on an extremely awkward blind date set up by their conspiring, overzealous, meddling moms

Surprise.  Written by Mark Harvey Levine.  Directed by Luis Goyanes. Cast. Loren Lillian, Nathan Ondracek & Ryan Walsh. Log Line. Peter is a psychic, but only two minutes ahead.

Intimate.  Written by Judith Duncan. Directed by Phil Biedron. Cast. Danielle Kay & Scott Alin. Log Line. A teenage girl, struggles to gain accountability from the man she has spent the night with.

Romeo and Rosaline. Written by Matthew Wells. Directed by Deb Foster. Cast. Nicolette Acosta, Robert Aldredge, RoShawn Briscoe, Adam Dorsey, Emma Friedman, Ian Schuelke. Log Line. Story of Romeo and Juliet from another point of view.

172 Push Ups. Written by Scott Mullen. Directed by Frieda de Lackner. Cast. Krystal Mosley, Tahmus Rounds & Christina Wren. Log Line. A man and a woman sitting on bench, they share their stories. She wants to propose her partner that same night.


PROGRAM F - LATINO (Sept 27th-30th - Thurs&Friday&Sat 7pm, Sunday 6pm)

Visión de los Vencidos. Written and Directed by Sergio Serdio. Cast: Jose Luis Muñoz, Henry Prudencio, Mario Flores & Frances Padilla. Percussion: Sergio Serdio. Log Line. A vision of the conquest of Mexico Tenochtitlan 1531.

Al Final Todo el Mundo Muere. Written by Xavi Morató. Directed by Moses Norton & Sebastian Garcia. Produced by Miriama. Cast: Elena Rojas Garcia, Mick Garcia & Jared Grange. Log Line. A interview in a police station to a woman that insists that she could travel through time.

Olvido. Written by Carlos Mugica. Directed by Angie Gega. Cast. Angie Gega & Miguel Elysee. Log Line. Encounter in a bar between two ex, and she’ll offer him to make her pregnant with only with one condition.

The Big Day.  Written and Directed by Gabriela Paciel. Cast. Felipe de Lara & Nisalda Gonzalez. Produced by Mario Szekely & Gabriela Paciel. Log Line. Two siblings on their way to the wedding of her, have a problem with their car. 

El Marijuano. Written by Andrew Cervantes. Directed by Ashley Karp. Cast. Giovanni Navarro & Rene D’Nava. Log Line. Two great friends are saying goodbye for the last night.

El Bulto. Written by Mario Barra & Magaly Castellanos. Directed by Magaly Castellanos.Cast. Adriana Becerril, Jonathan Lev, Mario Barra, Rado Lazic, Valentina Olarte & Jim Francis. Log Line. An unexpected death has left a group of immigrants with a big problem. How will they decide to solve it?


PROGRAM G - LATINO (Sept 27th-30th - Thurs&Friday&Sat 8:30pm, Sunday 7:30pm)

Inmerso. Written and directed by Lili Gorett. Cast. Kiara Beltrán, Estefania Martt, Yadira Pascult, Mar Amezcua, Noe de la Rosa,  Marco García, Roberto Arrizon, Juliana Sáenz, Valentina Latyna. Log Line. Sensory and interactive experience that envelops the spectator 360 degrees. You are the protagonist of the story Immersed is a fourth dimension Theatrical concept, leading you to feel the story in the first person where you are the protagonist, creating a unique experience for the audience / participant.

The Women Who Left. Written and Directed by Diana Valencia & Gabriela Ortega. Cast. Diana Valencia & Gabriela Ortega. Log Line. Two women confront faith and fate after being exiled from the place they call home.

La Nada. Written and Directed by Gisela Arnao. Cast. Laura Marstucelli & Andres Requena. Log Line. It seems we control our lives, but one day, suddenly, everything changes. We are in a new place that we don’t recognize, with someone we’ve never seen before. Uncertainty lurks.

El Amor no Tiene Edad.  Written by Angelo Medina & Pili Samayoa.  Adapted and Directed by Salvador Casado. Cast. Naomi Coaí, Salvador Casado, Michelle Riley, Jacobo Ortiz & Blanca Souto. Log Line. Two elderly book a hotel room to have a sexual encounter but it won’t be that easy.

La Bestia. Written by Juan Frendsa. Directed by Alberto Zeni. Cast. Virginia Novello, Mario Corona & Antonio Zamudio. Log Line. An exploration of what happens in La Bestia, one of the most known trains, because it brings so many ilegal immigrants from South America to the USA.

Melocotón en Almíbar. Written by Saida Santana. Directed by Saida Santana & Yareli Arizmendi. Cast. Yareli Arizmendi. Log Line. When did life go from sweet to unbearably sour? This is the question our protagonist asks out loud. Is there an answer? 


PROGRAM H - LATINO (Sept 29th-30th & Oct 6th-7th - Sat 5pm, Sun 4pm)

Te Quiero, My Love. Written by Maria Serena. Directed by Diego Zavala. Cast. Marcela Cantú & Diego H.Z.F. Log Line. A couple separated by an absurd fence will find out what could they do to be together.

Cena Embarazosa. Written by Ruben Tejerina. Directed by Tomas Decurgez. Cast. Gemma Marin, Rebeca Badia & Tomas Decurgez. Log Line. A couple of two homosexual women plan to get pregnant with an invited guest help who won’t know what’s going on.

Matilde y Lula. Written and Directed by Tessie Herrasti. Cast: Andi Yuma & Tessie Herrasti. Log Line. Matilde, a dreamer and Lula, an intellectual waltz their way through Post-War Europe in search of a home. With the help of a hut and some imaginary champagne, they discover that friendship is more important than reality.

I Was Born to Be Abused. Written by German Suarez. Directed by John Fingal O’Donnell. Cast. TBA. Log Line. Interview between a lawyer and a man about the crimes he did in the past.




PROGRAM I - LATINO (Oct 4th-7th - Thurs&Friday&Sat 7pm, Sunday 6pm)

Guerrera Inmortal. Written by Prakriti Maduro. Directed by Pakriti Maduro & Veronica Osorio. Cast. Daniela Azuaje & María Elena Heredia. Log Line. Crisis of a super star.

This is a Pencil. Helen is a Nurse. Written and Directed by Lupe Gehrenbeck. Cast. Elena Sanz & Sebastian Galvez. Log Line. It was the perfect romantic night until they played the ouija board.

Osmosis. Written and Directed by Jaime Arze. Cast. Valeria Gonzalez & Valeria Maldonado. Log Line. Two sisters discuss their futures while waiting for roadside assistance.

Tinder Sorpresa. Written by Roberto Jose Herrera. Directed by Jhonathan Tabares. Cast: Bibiana Navas & Ramon Valdés. Log Line. An encounter of a man and a woman through Tinder that will result in a surprise.

Justice. Written and Directed by Mauricio Gomez Amoretti. Cast: Maria Elena Heredia, Cindy Lazo & Rubén Guevara. Log Line. Three people talking about how one of them died in a protest in Venezuela.

A Prueba de Deseo. Written by Alfonso Martinez & Sergio Lozano. Directed by Ruben Rabassa. Cast: Ruben Rabassa & TBA. Log Line. Last audition for a famous actor to get a big role in a big movie. How much will he need to get into character to get the role?


PROGRAM J - LATINO (Oct 4th-7th - Thurs&Friday&Sat 8:30pm, Sunday 7:30pm)

El Nido. Written by German Suarez. Directed by Gladise Jimenez. Cast: Gladise Jimenez, Rubén Guevara, Dive Assad, Ernesto Reyes & Hansel Ramirez. Log Line. Original story about a world lead by Queens that need to get pregnant by the best men candidates…but once they are satisfied, they’ll kill them.

El Salto del Tigre.  Written by Pedro Pablo Picazo. Directed by Tony Garza. Cast. Isabel Soto & Rosa Rubio.Log Line. Two women in a hospital waiting to hear about their lover who is in very bad conditions.

Sirena. Written by Eduardo Yribarren. Directed by Kimba Henderson. Cast. Tsuria Diaz & Jantonio Bague. Log Line. A robbery in a small shop in Mexico could be a exciting experience.

Espectacular.  Written and Directed by Jose Villalobos. Cast. Carlos Santos, Valeria Gonzalez, Sergio Macian & Karola Sanchez. Log Line. A famous actor gets electrocuted right before getting in the stage for a very important performance of Romeo and Juliet.

Blanca Palomilla. Written by Javier Ceriani. Directed by Moses Norton. Cast: Javier Ceriani & Gerard Myles. Log Line. A Pablo Escobar’s ex share some information about one of the most important narcos in history. Information based on real facts and interviews.



Christian Rodrigo

Short & Sweet Hollywood 

Festival Director




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PROGRAM A Sept 13th-16th (Thu, Fri & Sat 7pm, Sun 6pm)

  1. PROGRAM A (Sept 13th -16th - Thurs&Friday&Sat 7pm, Sunday 6pm)

    Slow Dating. Written by Adam Szudrich. Directed by Katie Burson. Cast. Julie Collis. Log line. When an elderly lady tries speed dating it leads to a night with a charming stranger and a heartbreaking revelation about her husband. A one woman show which explores the beauty of holding on and the vulnerability in letting go.

    Going to the Movies. Written by Helena Weltman. Directed by Pavel Cerny. Cast. Sara Castilleja, Laurel Clark & Hamish Sturgeon. Log line. While waiting for the theatre box office to open, a young woman and a man meet: cute.

    Timesavers. Written by Barry Wood. Directed by David Harper. Cast. Shae Wilson & Tobias J Laurencin. Log line. When a customer wanders into a new shop, she is given the opportunity to go back in time. But when she gets there, she's suddenly in a desperate race to stay just five minutes ahead of herself.

    Avocado Toast. Written and Directed by Ken Levine. Cast. Sasha Venn, Hunter Paul. Log Line. A young couple dine in the trendiest new hot spot in town. Since Millennials feel they star in their own reality show, here they actually do.

    Organic. Written and Directed by Kimba Henderson. Cast. Shawna Johnson, Greg Hinds, Thomas Chavira, Uma Incrocci. Logline. Because so much of dating is lying.



PROGRAM B (Sept 13th-16th - Thurs&Friday&Sat 8:30pm, Sunday 7:30pm)

  1. PROGRAM B (Sept 13th-16th  - Thurs&Friday&Sat 8:30pm, Sunday 7:30pm)

    Immersed. Written and directed by Lili Gorett. Cast. Sophie Meister, Whitney Bowers, Elena Rojas, Kiara Beltrán, Estefania Martt, Mar Amezcua, Noe de la Rosa, Yadira Pascult, Marco García, Roberto Arrizon, Juliana Sáenz, Valentina Latyna. Log Line. Sensory and interactive experience that envelops the spectator 360 degrees. You are the protagonist of the story Immersed is a fourth dimension Theatrical concept, leading you to feel the story in the first person where you are the protagonist, creating a unique experience for the audience / participant.

    Us. Written by Ben Russel and Soda Persi. Directed by Marisa O’Brien. Cast. Ben Russel, Soda Persi. Log Line. Find out what happens after boy meets woman and if they can make it to happily ever after.

    The Perfect Man. Written by Blanca Bardagil. Directed by Sergi Cervera. Cast. Hayley McCarthy & Sergi Cervera. Log line. A woman receives a new robot at home…he is the perfect man.

    Asking for it. Written by Renee Boyer. Directed by Megan Frances. Production Assistant Jeremy Ebenstein. Cast. Jared Scott, Charlotte Louise Spencer, Kenna Ryan & Cody John. Log Line. Rav and Katie had a good time at a party, but then she stole his phone. Or did he give it to her? Consent can be a tricky concept…

    The Goode Sisters of Westchester. Written by Lily Mercer. Directed by Todd Felderstein. Cast: Miranda Parham & Leah Allers. Log Line. Two Sisters having a conversation about their relationship, on their mum´s 1st year death anniversary.

    The Snow Angel of Antarctica. Written by Victoria Connerty. Directed by Allison Lind.Cast. Taryn Schubert & Jon Owens.Log Line. After a year of travelling the world, Ellie has reached Antarctica with her brother, Jimmy. Despite the ever-present threat of psychotic penguins, the never-present threat of angry polar bears and the small matter of the human ashes she’s smuggling in her hand luggage, Ellie isn't ready to leave. But Jimmy thinks it's time for them to return home. A tale with a twist about Scrabble, sibling rivalry and snow angels.