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Friday, November 10, 2023 to Sunday, November 19, 2023
The Raya
7840 Makati Ave
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Short+Sweet Manila Theater Festival 2023

The Short+Sweet Manila Theater festival makes its long-awaited return after a temporary pause due to COVID, and will again produce an exciting mixture of ten-minute theatre by Filipino Directors, actors and writers!

This year, the Manila festival will be lead by one of our most experienced international Festival Directors - Luke Berman, who is also our International Festival Coordinator. 

Scheduled to be staged in November 2023, stay tuned for our season announcement which is expected to take place early July 2023, along with artist registrations.

For more information please contact luke.berman@shortandsweet.org


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    There are two main pathways that a script can take to make the stage at Short+Sweet Manila. Your script can be in any style you wish, and be about anything you like, the only thing we ask is that it be a play that will run for ten-minutes or less.


    DEADLINE: APRIL 30, 2023

    Fee Waivers / extended deadline for script submissions: Please email luke.berman@shortandsweet.org

    Submitting your script to Short+Sweet not only enters it into consideration for Short+Sweet Manila, but it has a chance of being shortlisted for any of our festivals in Australia or around the world, all for the single submission fee, which is less than 800 pesos. Your script will be assessed by our international committee. If your script is still in draft form or in development or you are not in a position to pay the entry fee, you can contact Festival Director Luke Berman at luke.berman@shortandsweet.org to submit your script directly to the Manila festival. Please note, if you submit this way, your script will only be in consideration for the Manila festival if you enter in this manner, it will not be sent to other Short+Sweet festivals. There are also limited fee waivers available. 


    DEADLINE: APRIL 30, 2023

    Fee Waivers / extended deadline for script submissions: Please email luke.berman@shortandsweet.org

    If your script is shortlisted in our Manila festival you will be notified by email and we will make a public announcement. It will be one of the scripts available for our directors to select to produce in the festival this year. This does mean that there is a chance that even if it makes our shortlist, there is a chance it may not make the stage. We will let you know if this occurs, and as long as we have room available in our festival season, we will allow you time to find yourself a director to include it in the season. We want as many local stories on stage as we can.

    Note: If you are an Manila writer, be sure to enter a Manila residential address or city in your submission so we recieve your script. We request all Manila scripts submitted be sent to our Manila production team regardless of its score with the international assessment team. If you have moved abroad, there is a chance we may not recieve it if you don't enter a Manila address. 



    An ITC (Independent Theatre Company) submission is one of the best ways to get your script on stage at Short+Sweet Manila. ITC's were established as a way for established theater groups/companies to be involved in the festival and operate under their own name, however you do not need to be an established group. To enter as an ITC, you simply need to have a script (or proposed creative concept) and a director, you can just give yourself a group name to operate under during the festival. Hey, you may even choose to keep it and start your own theatre company, it's happened many times before!

    You may also include actors in your ITC/Group submission if you wish, or you can opt to cast from the Short+Sweet Manila open auditions. Writers can nominate themselves to direct their piece if they wish, but we do encourage writers to work with a director. 

    There is no submission fee to enter as an ITC, but your script will not be available for selection at other Short+Sweet Festivals. You are able to submit your ITC/Group piece, and also submit your script if you wish. Your ITC will be the application we process for the Manila festival.



  1. Luke Berman (Sydney) | Festival Director | luke.berman@shortandsweet.org

    WhatsApp: +63 960 368 9599 | Facebook/Messenger: Lxberman

    Brittany Louise-Pike (Sydney) | Associate Producer 

    Quincy Raya (Manila) | Associate Producer 

    Jeddahlyn Del Mundo (Manila) | Production Manager

    Lydia French-Starr (Sydney) | Designer




    Mark Cleary | Artistic Director, Short+Sweet International

    Vee Malnar | International Literary Manager

    Luke Berman | International Coordinator


  1. Directing for Short+Sweet is one of the most critical roles of the festival. Without our writers there would be no festival, but without directors to realise the writer’s vision, scripts would never be able to come to life!

    As a Short+Sweet Manila director, you not only get to show your unique leadership style and be intrusted to nurture your team of actors, but you will also be guided and mentored through the entire process of theatre-making. Short+Sweet Manila's smaller scale allows us to be more hands-on with our newer directors, while our more experienced directors can use their experience to take new risks or creative challenges.

    We very much encourage new directors to register and learn a new skill, our Festival Director Luke Berman is passionate about supporting our new directors and will be there to mentor you throughout the process.

    What does a director have to do for Short+Sweet?

    Choose your play

    You will read through our shortlisted scripts which are made up of local scripts as well as scripts submitted from around the world and nominate which scripts you'd like to direct for the festival. Our Festival Director will then allocate you a script from your list of preferences.

    Communicate with your Writer

    Writers are a vital part of our family. Once you have been allocated your script, we do ask all directors to make contact with their writer, and to keep them updated along the way. Some writers may live close to you, but some may be very far away, and it's very important that they feel included as part of the process. 

    Choose your Actors

    We run open auditions where you and our other Short+Sweet directors can find your cast. We also have other tools and resources to assist you to find actors. After the auditions, you are also free to approach actors from outside Short+Sweet to bring into your play, but we do ask that you try to cast from auditions first.

    Run your Rehearsals

    Directors need to organise their own suitable rehearsal space. This does not need to be a professional rehearsal studio or theatre, many of our directors get very creative with their choice of rehearsal spaces. Often, they approach community halls, churches, or even their living rooms at home. Short+Sweet does not have access to rehearsal spaces, so when you register, this is one of the first things you might want to start planning for.

    Complete your Forms

    Along the way, we have several technical and publicity forms that we need from you to make sure we have the stage ready for you when the show is live. These forms are spaced out throughout the rehearsal process, this also helps new directors to know when they should start thinking about things like lighting cues, publicity etc. By the end of the process, our directors have had a small crash-course in not only directing, but in producing theatre plays. They will have learned the basic skills required in theatre-making. 

    Enjoy Yourself

    Most of all, we want you, your writer and your cast to thoroughly enjoy your Short+Sweet experience. Be sure to work hard, but always be positive, nurturing, and professional.