17 Jan 2020 to 1 Feb 2020
24 Jan 2020 to 7 Mar 2020
13 Feb 2020 to 26 Apr 2020
Saturday, August 9, 2014 to Sunday, August 17, 2014
The Arts Centre, Gold Coast
135 Bundall Road
Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
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Short+Sweet is shaking things up in 2014 - we're bringing bite-sized cabaret to The Arts Centre Gold Coast!

This year, we encourage you to try your luck on a range of sexy, funny, surprising, beautiful and ridiculous cabaret. A lot can happen in 10 minutes - especially when the drinks are chilled and the microphones loud!

Join us for a diverse and unpredictable lineup of 6-7 local cabaret acts, then vote for your favourite to send them through to the Gala Final! 

If our theatre is a sushi train, then cabaret is the buffet of decadent dessert...

Strand One 
7pm, Sat 9 & Sun 10 August
Strand Three 9:30pm, Sat 16 August & 7pm, Sun 17 August

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Principal Festival Partners

It's been an exciting 4 weeks of Short+Sweet in Queensland. 2014 has seen the biggest festival we've had in our 6 year history! Between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we produced over 50 new 10-minute works across seven strands. It was also the first year we introduced Short+Sweet Cabaret to Brisbane & Gold Coast audiences - an addition which has proved wildly popular!

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Strand One - Gold Coast Cabaret

  1. 7pm, Sat 9 Aug & 7pm, Sun 10 Aug

    The Basement, The Arts Centre Gold Coast

    $24 Conc. / $28 Adult

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    Une Soirée avec Coco Chanel

    by Theatre LOTE Fantastique!

    written & performed by Louise Hall

    original direction by Kerry Casey with additional direction by Louise Hall


    The Dilemma of Men

    written by Genevieve Beverley & Petah Chapman

    performed by Genevieve Beverley & Petah Chapman (vocals) with Stephen Cuttriss (piano) 



    written & performed by Petah Chapman



    performed by Tim Byrnes


    Bad Apples

    ​by Clay English


    Almost Perfect

    conceived by Shanon Whitelock & Jessica Papst

    music director: Shanon Whitelock

    ​performed by Jessica Papst



    written by Belinda Hanne Reid

    directed by Belinda Hanne Reid and Scott Hollingsworth

    ​performed by Belinda Hanne Reid


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Strand Two - Gold Coast Theatre

  1. 7pm, 13-16 August

    The Space, The Arts Centre Gold Coast

    $24 Conc. / $28 Adult

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    Merry Fecking Christmas

    by Underground Productions 

    ​written by Estelle Snowball

    directed by Amie Rankin & Estelle Snowball

    performed by Rebecca Condon, Rebecca Lamb, Ross Mcdonnell-Staff, Nicole Miller, Sarah Parkin & Trevor Sammon


    Triple Zero

    by Conspire Isis Theatre Ensemble

    written & directed by Natisha Strudwick

    ​performed by Ruby Newport, Dianna Paddick & Eli Bryant


    In a Nutshell

    by Spangled Aura Productions

    written, directed & performed by Sarah Gooda & Chris Howard



    by L. B. Franx

    written, directed & performed by Lucy Hutton


    Such an Innocent Face

    by Purple Pear Productions

    written & directed by Monette Lee

    performed by Celina Maddison, Owen Green, Henry Lang, Isabel Yamazaki, Elle Ninness, & Oscar Allen


    Climate Change

    by Mark Andrew

    directed by Terence Burns

    performed by Charnstar Anderson, Dani Hahn & Alex Seager


    Morning Glory

    by Mark Grzic

    directed by Clay English

    performed by Clay English, Jermia Turner & Brock Dunstan


    A Play on Sayings

    written by Adam Hasa

    directed by Lachlan Dalby

    assistant director: Adam Hasa


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Strand Three - Gold Coast Cabaret

  1. 9:30pm, Sat 16 Aug & 7pm, Sun 17 Aug

    The Basement, The Arts Centre Gold Coast

    $24 Conc. / $28 Adult

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    Dwelling Divas

    by Multiplay Entertainment

    written & directed by Jodie-Joy

    performed by Jodie-Joy & Kathleen Maloney


    Love is the Drug

    written by Margi & Rori Tudor

    directed by Rori Tudor

    performed by Margi Tudor & Rori Tudor


    Odd One Out

    by Out One Out

    with thanks to David Megarrity & Ellen-Rose Sorensen

    performed by Simone Quaglia, Gabriella Quaglia, Daniel Quaglia & Rebecca Hull


    RSVP by 30

    written by Cassandra Croucher

    musical director: Stephanie Lindsdell

    performed by Cassandra Croucher & Stephanie Linsdell



    by Stephanie Taylor

    directed by Danielle Carney

    musical director: Matthew Samer

    performed by Stephanie Taylor


    It’s a Man’s World

    by Kym Brown

    performed by Kym Brown


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Strand Four - Brisbane Theatre

  1. 7pm, Thurs 21 Aug

    7pm, Fri 22 Aug

    1:30pm, Sat 23 Aug

    7pm, Sat 23 Aug

    Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse

    $24 Conc. / $28 Adult

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    Being Jesus

    by Delirium Comedy Group

    performed by Chris Charteris, Michael Fowle, Adam Toolin & Paul Hewett


    The Rise of Sir Edmund

    written & directed by Pete Malicki

    performed by Matt Thomson



    by Sci Fi Theatre

    written & performed by Shane McLennan

    directed by Shelley Quinn


    Going Viral

    written by Brandon M Crose

    directed by Matt O’Neill

    performed by Shanay De Marco, Benetta Duncan & Mollie Yang



    written by Angeline Andrews

    directed by Lauren Sherritt

    performed by Kelsie McDonald & Mollie Yang


    To Write My Epitaph

    by Robert Armstrong

    directed by Jay Bloodsworth

    performed by Joshua Parnell


    Orgasma and the Intergalactic Sky Cock

    directed by Regan Lynch

    devised & performed by Ethan Dean, Conor Ensor, Hannah Grace Fulton, Laura Hague, Beth Incognito, & Kristian Santic


    You’re Driving Me Crazy

    by Todd Wallinger

    directed by Amy Clarke

    performed by Daniel Hurst & Craig Wood



    written & directed by Jessica Palfrey

    performed by Phoebe Ballard, Kristen Barros, Bonnie Mullins, & Xanthe Jones voiceover by Patrick Aiken


    Captain Everything

    by Pete Malicki

    directed by Robbie Maher

    assistant director: Brenton Smith

    design by James Schofield

    performed by Camillo Mack Maher DiPiero


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Strand Five - Brisbane Cabaret

  1. 9:45pm, Fri 22 Aug

    9:45pm, Sat 23 Aug

    Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse

    $15 Conc. / $20 Adult

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    Dirty Sexy Politics

    written, directed & performed by Samuel Valentine & Thomas Albert


    Thirty Year Old Child

    written & performed by Judy Hainsworth

    directed by Penny Farrow

    musically arranged by James Dobinson


    Caramel at Best

    written by Josh Daveta

    directed by Kristen Barros

    performed by Josh Daveta, Alex Feifers, Bronte Devine & Aurelie Roqué



    by Joshua McCann Thomson & Ethan Jones

    written & directed by Joshua McCann Thomson

    lyrics & composition by Ethan Jones

    performed by Clare Finlayson, Richard Meyers & Tom Markiewicz


    The Woeful Tale of Mary Melody

    by Underground Productions

    choreographed by Jessica Palfrey & Bonnie Mullins

    performed by Alice England & the company of Underground Productions



    by Egohuysen

    written & directed by Reuben Witsenhuysen

    with HopeOne Haami, Tim Winter & Bec Groves

    performed by Bec Groves, HopeOne Haami & Reuben Witsenhuysen


    An Evening with a Musical Theatre Junkie…

    by Amy Church

    performed by Amy Church


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Strand Six - Brisbane Theatre

  1. 7pm, Thurs 28 Aug

    7pm, Fri 29 Aug

    1:30pm, Sat 30 Aug

    7pm, Sat 30 Aug

    Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse

    $24 Conc. / $28 Adult

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    The Literary Monogamist

    written by John Lombard

    directed by Renee Hood

    sound design by Cameron Swales

    performed by Ben Martin, Lachlan Dalby, Shanay De Marco & Kyle Barrett


    Late for School

    written by Iain Moss

    directed by Samantha Smith


    Crossbow Cat

    written by Abby Howells

    directed by Ron Seeto

    performed by Corrine Fixter & David Tewksbury


    1 to 10

    by Rocket Boy Ensemble

    written & directed by Ella Gordon

    associate director: Danielle Carney

    production designer: Dylon King

    performed by Emily Carr, Kristen Barros & Estelle Snowball



    by TRIO

    written by Richard Graham

    directed by Sahn Millington

    performed by Peter Morris & Alizon Vosburgh



    written by Alex Broun

    directed by Camilla Nicole Niebling

    technical advisor: Luki Nally

    performed Chelsea Indiana, Chantelle Gardiner, Donna Gomez, Stacey de Waard & Lewis Edwards


    The Runaways

    devised by Sampson Smith, Sam Whatley, Sarah Stafford & William Pyke

    directed by Sampson Smith

    performed by Sam Whatley, Sarah Stafford & William Pyke


    The Catalogue Life

    written & directed by Alexandra Hines

    performed by Alexandra Hines, Samuel Boyd & Nicholas K. Watson



    by Elise Greig

    directed by Samira Wyld

    performed by Susan Stenlake



    by Russell Bell

    directed by Brenna Lee-Cooney

    performed by Lizzie Ballinger & Crystal Arons


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Strand Seven - Brisbane Cabaret

  1. 9:45pm, Fri 29 Aug

    9:45pm, Sat 30 Aug

    Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse

    $15 Conc. / $20 Adult

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    Obsessions of a Control Freak

    written by Belinda Raisin

    directed by Bridget Boyle

    musical director: Jen Teh

    accompanied by Jamie The

    performed by Belinda Raisin


    I Can Keep A Secret

    by Babushka

    performed by Alicia Cush, Bethan Ellsmore, Arlie McCormick, Judy Hainsworth & David Law


    Hot, steamy and live: Erotic Readings

    by Nicholas K. Watson

    performed by Nicholas K. Watson


    Hardly the Portrait of a Lady

    by NBDILM Productions

    directed by Catarina Hebbard

    accompanist / musical director: Heidi Loveland

    musical director: James Dobinson

    arrangements by James Dobinson & Luke Volker

    performed by Cienda McNamara


    Grey Fingers

    written & directed by Pete Foley

    dramaturgy by Dave Burton

    performed by Tom Markiewicz



    by PHP Company

    written, directed, choreographed & designed by Paul Hourigan

    performed by Alinta McGrady, Asher Bowen-Saunders, Lachlan Dalby & Paul Hourigan


    Painted Love

    by Nadia Vanek

    performed by Nadia vanek, Conor Ensor & Tim Hondroudakis 


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  1. For any enquiries, please email shortsweet.production@gmail.com

    Executive Producer - Sean Dennehy

    Festival Director - Joshua McCann-Thomson

    Assistant Festival Manager - Angela Goh

    Logistics Intern - Jessica O’Callaghan